10 Electric Skateboards Priced Over $1000

If you are a well-situated individual who is looking for a premium electric skateboard then I am happy to inform you that you have come to the right place. Why? Well, because I am going to give you an in depth look at the 3 best electric skateboards priced slightly over $1000. I won’t drag you around the bushes for too long so without further adue, let’s jump straight to business!

TABLE : Electric Skateboards Over $1000:

NameImageMax SpeedRangeWeightPrice
5. Inboard M122 mph7 miles250 lbsSee price now
4. AT (All Terrain)24 mph15 miles300+ lbsSee price now
3. Falcon Board Oasis Cruiser30 mph18 miles230 lbsSee price now
1. EGlide GT23 mph15 miles300+ lbsSee price now
1. Boosted 2nd Generation22 mph7 miles220 lbsSee price now

3. Maverix BorderX

The first model on our list is coming from Maverix USA, and it could easily be the best electric skateboard over $1000. It’s a company that has a bunch of great quality electric skateboards that are being praised by their buyers for their quality designs. Nothing different cannot be said about their premium model called BorderX. Its powerd by 800W motor that’s capable of delivering roughly 19 mph. However, the main aspect of this device is not its speed but its ability to ride on various types of terrain. It has huge tires with pretty big treads that allow it to do great on and off the road. With this being said, it comes as no surprise that its duration isn’t exactly as long as many people would initially think. It can reach up to 7 miles if you’re riding it strictly on rough terrain. If, on the other hand, you are riding it on roads or in skate parks, you’ll be off with approximately 9 to even 10 miles on a single full charge.

It comes with a handheld controller that is basically the same with all other models coming from Maverix. Nothing that special about it that’s worth mentioning, other than the fact it features 3 adjustable speed settings: low, medium and high. There’s just one more thing worth stating about the skateboard itself and that’s the braking system. It features ABS and a built-in safety feature in the form of emergency breaks.


2. Falcon Board Oasis Cruiser

The second model on our list is coming straight from Falcon Board, a little known company that has produced a total of 2 electric skateboards. In addition to their premium model called Oasis Cruiser, Falcon Board has made a pretty generic-named one called Electric Skateboard Longboard. It belongs to the middle-class models and is competitively priced at roughly $650.

Moving onto the actual model that we’re going to analyze – Oasis Cruiser, it is important to say that it sports a powerful 1500 watts dual in wheel motors. They are so powerful that they allow the skateboard to seamlessly reach top speed of more than 30 miles per hour, which is absolutely amazing by all measures. Still, even though the top speed is ridiculous, the battery is not exactly on par. Don’t get me wrong, the battery duration is quite amazing in its own right, but its not nearly as astonishing as the top speed. With roughly 18 miles of range on a full charge, it’s definitely more than the majority of its competition… But still, with cca 30mph of top speed, we’d expect at least 20 to 25 miles of range.

The deck is made from 9 ply Canadian Maple Wood, meaning you will get an incredibly smooth ride that’s going to capture both your mind and body each and every time you take it on a stroll down the street. It’s capable of withstanding roughly 230lbs, meaning even your fat uncle Bob will be able to test it out. All things considered, Oasis Cruiser is indeed a premium model with a premium price to match its amazing specs.


1. eGlide GT Powerboard

eGlide is a well-known company that specializes in the production of premium electric rideables. So far, their catalogue features several types of electric byes as well as 3 (very similar) types of electric skateboards. As we already mentioned in the introductory sentence, they specialize only in PREMIUM products so it is not really a surprise to see that all of their electric rideables cost over $1000.

Today, we are taking a closer look at their GT Powerboard made out of black anodized aluminum. It’s the perfect off road skateboard with huge wheels that can ride through the roughest of terrains with complete ease. Many people will agree this is the best electric skateboard over $1000.

It is powered by an extremely powerful motor that allows it to go from 0 to 23 mph in just 5 seconds. Talk about acceleration, right? With roughly 15 miles of range on a single charge, this little fella is more than capable of being your personal daily mean of transport on and off the office.

It is extremely lightweight and you will be able to maximally feel the ride due to the .75 deck drop that significantly lowers the center of gravity. This allows for an awesome riding experience no matter the type of terrain you’re currently riding on. The deck is made out of Type 3 aircraft anodized aluminum which ensures only the top quality and significantly improves the overall riding experience with the deck being only .25 inch thick. Another awesome thing about this electric skateboard that we did n0t mention are the wheels. True, we did mention that they are huge and capable on working outstanding across all types of terrain… but we did not mention that they are inflated. Yup, that’s right! We are talking about high quality Kenda pneumatic tiers that are going to make sure you don’t fall off the skateboard as soon as you hit a new type of terrain on your way to work (or school). With all of the above in mind, I am sure that you realize what an awesome skateboard this is… But, with its awesomeness, comes a great price too!



So, there you have it guys! Those were the 3 electric skateboards over $1000, premium models currently available on the market. Go ahead and compare them to one of the lower priced ones and you will notice that there’s a huge difference in terms of both their specifications and features. While these models might not be everyone’s cup of tea, I am still positive that they will find their audience pretty quickly…

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