TOP 5 Electric Skateboards For Less Than $200

Let’s start this article off by saying that electric skateboards niche is a lot bigger than most people think it is. Even though it’s a relatively new trend, there is an incredible amount of variety within it. As was the case with all innovative transportation methods that have been unveiled in the last couple of years, electric skateboards also have a huge chance to make it big.

Despite more and more people opting for the modernistic approach to their daily commutes in the form of hoverboards, oldtimers will surely appreciate best electric skateboard under $200 more than the self-balancing new age thingies that hoverboards represent. With this being said, the situation on the market is quite interesting. The cheapest models can be found for less than $200, while the premium ones will make you dig out a hefty chunk of your salary. So, whether you are looking for a new method for your daily commute or simply something to kill your free time, make sure you take a look at the 5 electric skateboards under $200. Even though we are listing out the very cheapest models on the market, all of them are still pretty good and will undoubtedly provide you with smooth rides.

Table : Electric Skateboards Under $200

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5. Razor RipStik

If you are looking for an extremely budget friendly electric skateboard, then look no further because we got a great one right here. Razor, a steady manufacturer of innovative methods of transportation (they are the company behind that awesome looking hoverboard called Hovertrax 2.0), has did a good job with their newest product. With an interesting name, the Razor RipStik looks to have a great future ahead of itself. Why? Well, here’s just a couple of reasons:

First of all, it is important to say that it features a powerful 100 watt motor with the implemented Power Core Technology which allows it to roll pretty fast. It’s capable of achieving up to 10mph (cca 16km/h) of top speed which should be more than enough for your daily commute to work. Its top speed is actually quite a bit higher than those of its competitors, most likely due to the patented Power Core Technology that is pulling out the maximum out of its 100 watt built in motor. When it comes to the controllability, you will be happy to find out that RipStik is extremely user friendly. It does not require prior skateboarding knowledge in order to master it, meaning kids of all ages will ride it like real champs.

It is powered by a long lasting 22V lithium Ion battery pack which is capable of running for about 40 minutes at maximum speed. Moreover, you will get a wireless controller along with a battery charger as well. Recommendations state that it can be used by kids of ages 9 and above, but considering it’s a pretty easy to use device, lowering that bar to 7-year-olds should seem more appropriate. The maximum this thing can carry is around 150lbs which is not that amazing. But, since this electric skateboard is primarily targeted at kids, the maximum weight is more than justifiable. All things considered, the RipStik is certainly among the best electric skateboards in this price range. For just under $130 you will get a brilliant electric skateboard that will serve you and your little ones exceptionally well.


4. Maverix USA Monster

Pumping up the price a bit closer to $200 and we have the Maverix USA Monster. Such a patriotic name could not have gone unnoticed. We are talking about an incredibly flashy electric skateboard that has some unique features built in to it. For instance, the first thing you will notice when you see this electric skateboard for the first time are definitely its colorful wheels. The fun thing about them (what makes them so colorful and fancy in the first place) are the built-in LED strips. They will provide your little ones with an extra bit of swag while cruising down the neighborhood. That’s for sure!

Moving onto the specifications, this little fella is pumped with a 100-watt motor. You do not have to worry about breaking it down or anything like that since it comes with a full 1 Year Warranty. In other words, the manufacturers will provide you with spare parts and repair service if there’s something wrong with your skateboard. The skateboard can reach the maximum of 6 miles per hour and its battery can last up to 5 miles, depending on the weight of the rider. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the main selling point of this model are the LED wheels. Besides that, nothing about this electric skateboard is out of the ordinary for this price range. But still, those damn colorful wheels really do look fine…


3. Brooklyn Workshop Skatecycle

The second best electric skateboard under $200 cannot really be classified as an electric skateboard… Such a paradox, isn’t it? Well, it’s basically a hybrid between hoverboards and skateboards. Skatecycles, they call them… Most likely due to their unconventional shape that kind of resembles that of a bicycle. But it is actually an astonishing piece of technology with amazingly futuristic feel to the entire build.

On the other hand, it is not exactly the easiest to use electrical skateboard on the market. Nope. Not by a long shot. You see, the steering works similarly to that of a hoverboard, making the initial controlling of the device quite clumsy at best. That’s why, you should probably invest in some safety equipment if you are considering to purchase this little fella. On the bright side, it supports much heavier riders than its electric skateboard counterparts. The maximum weight this bad boy can handle reaches whopping 250lbs. Amazing!


2. Maverix USA California 150W

And finally, we are presenting you with the best skateboard under $200 that is currently available on the market. Now, even though the standard price of this device ranges from $220 to $300, it is frequently on sale and can be found for as little as $189.95. That’s quite a bargain considering you are getting one of the best models on the market. The device itself is extremely lightweight and very easy to use. As was the case with all other electric skateboards in this price range, the Maverix USA California possesses 3 speed modes and comes with a handheld controller. The button layout is pretty standard while the controller itself does not look anything special (mediocre at best). Luckily, the electric skateboard is a whole another story.

It’s made from the finest materials and features a powerful 150-watt motor that is going to take you to incredible places with ease. Its built in battery pack is quite powerful as well. Powerful enough to take you for up to 9 miles of pure riding in a single full charge. Awesome, right? But that’s not all… This little fella features its own ABS system that will ensure you don’t fall on your ass every time you hit the brakes. The ABS system delivers a smooth braking experience, not oscillating a lot from the overall joy of riding this thing. All things considered, this is a great electric skateboard that will surely be a good point of fun for everyone in your household… until it dies… But wait, we have a surprise for you yet again. Maverix USA offers a 1 year head to toe warranty on their California 150W model, which means that the manufacturer will cover all the service expenses free of charge. If that’s not enough to sell you this skateboard, then I don’t know what is!


1. Dynacraft Surge

Frist things first – if you want a brand new state-of-the-art electric skateboard, but you don’t want one of those fancy looking ones, then Dynacraft’s Surge is the right one for you. Why? Well, it sports a clean, old-school finish that will be a pleasant sight to good old skaters out there. I know there’s a couple of you reading this right now, don’t you shy away from me! Anyway, this little lad is equipped with a maple deck with a grip tape on top for maximum safety during those long rides. As we already mentioned it sports a proper classic look together with a familiar wheel and truck mechanisms.

As was the case with RipStik (and pretty much all electric skateboards within this price range), Dynacraft’s Surge is also primarily aimed towards children. Their restrictions are slightly more loose, allowing kids of age 8 and above to freely ride on their device. The ease of use is present here as well. You don’t have to worry about your little ones falling all over your yard every couple of seconds because this electric skateboard is as simple as they get.

The handheld controller that comes with the package is extremely easy to use. It features a trigger along with a clutch for changing speeds. In total, there are 3 different speeds which can be shuffled with great ease. It sports a 150 watts motor, but it is not exactly as powerful as RipStik’s even with the additional 50 watts of power. For this reason, Surge is only able to go up to 6 miles per hour, and that’s only if its used by kids who are usually not a burden for such devices. If you have under 145lbs of weight, feel free to test the newly bought toy for yourself as you are below the maximum weight… But keep in mind that the skateboard will not go nearly as fast with you as it did when your kid was on it. Weight plays a massive role with the maximum speed which is actually not that surprising. And finally, there is one more thing that needs to be added. Even though the electric skateboard comes in one piece (meaning you don’t have to do any work to start it up), you will first need to charge it up and get your own 9V battery for the controller, which unfortunately does not come with the package. All in all, Surge is a great electric skateboard that will surely capture the imagination of old school skaters.


Safety equipment

If you plan on purchasing an electric skateboard for your little ones (especially if you’re opting for the Brooklyn Workshop hybrid model) then we warmly suggest you at least consider purchasing some safety equipment. Even though all of the models listed and analyzed above are as safe and easy to use as they can be, safety is something that should never be taken lightly. We all know that kids nowadays don’t really care for learning the basics. Take mine for example. As soon as I gifted them their electric skateboards, both of them (I have a son and a daughter) immediately rushed and strolled around the yard in full speed. Some would say safety is a complete must as a decent set of guards can be found for as little as $20. Add in a good safety helmet for an extra $10 and you’ll be all covered for $30 tops. Just think of all the bruises you will save your little ones from with those guards…



With the best electric skateboard in the price range I am afraid we have come to the end of our little list here. You had the chance to see a lot of great electric skateboards and I am sure at least one of them caught your attention. Keep in mind that the list was handpicked by our staff. In other words, all the skateboards you read about are considered the best in their class. With this being said, we would like to thank you for reading the article. Also, we sincerely hope that you’ve found it informative and that, at least in some way, it has helped you pick out the best electric skateboard that will suit all of your needs.

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