TOP 7 Electric Skateboards For Less Than $500

Judging by the huge growth in popularity of electric skateboards under $500, it is no wonder that they are selling like crazy. Head to head with drones, electric skateboards were among the bestselling Christmas gifts. I am sure that many children all over the world will be enjoying their new toys in just a couple more days. If, on the other hand, you are still among people who haven’t decided which particular skateboard they want to purchase, then you’re in luck because you are on the right place. Below, we are going to list the top 7 best electric skateboard under $500. All of them are currently available for purchase and are outstanding in all their respective aspects. With this being said, let’s start the list off with the first model and that’s the Swagboard’s NG-1 Electric Skateboard!

Table : Electric Skateboards Under $500

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7. Swagboard NG-1 NextGen

Swagboard is a well-known name in the electric rideables industry. They really need no further introduction, other than mentioning the fact that their hoverboards are still being appraised for their durability and efficiency. Now, moving onto their newest endeavor, we are proud to present you with NG-1 (read NextGen), a brand new electric skateboard that packs quite the punch for an extremely competitive price of roughly $300.

It sports a maple wood deck and is embedded with a grip tape for optimal comfort during skating. In addition to that, it features a good Li-On Fe battery, made with Swagboard’s patented SentryShield technology. That allows the battery to last longer and doesn’t cause any issues during its lifecycle. It is able to last up to 10 miles on a single charge. The battery level is indicated with a flashing light that is located on both your controller and the skateboard itself.

Surprisingly, for such a low price, this little fella is capable of achieving quite the speed. Depending on the weight of the users, this thing can go as fast as 11 miles per hour. Unfortunately, the only department where NG-1 kind of disappoints is the maximum allowed weight. It’s clocked in at 176 pounds which will leave some of us heavier folk not being able to try this sucker out. Besides that, there’s nothing bad left to say about this model. Needless to say, it is quite the bargain!


6. Altered Fantom.1

Altered Fantom.1 is a good all-around electric skateboard model. It is not exactly the most powerful one on this list (that’s why it is just the third one from the very top), but it still has some nice features and fantastic design. The deck is 23 inches long and is fully made with extremely reliable (and durable) 7 play maple wood. Despite that, it’s what’s under the deck that matters the most, and to put it simply – Altered Fantom.1 unfortunately underperforms in this department. With its motor being only 100 watt one, it will get up to 10 miles per hour, and that’s about it. Truth be told, this is a bit too slow for a model that costs a bit over $400. Still, the battery is quite decent and will last on for around 8 miles, depending on the driver’s weight. While we are mentioning weight, it is important to add that this bad boy won’t support any heavyweights either. With the allowed maximum weight being only 120 lbs, it’s becoming more clear that we are talking about a children’s model.

Even though it doesn’t look like one, Altered Fantom.1 actually is primarily targeted at children. You can think of it as a more sophisticated electric skateboard that your little ones will proudly ride to school with. Other than that, It’s really shy in terms of specifications, which is why it’s ranking so low on our list.


5. Paradox Electric Skateboard

This 28-inch model sports an attractive bamboo deck with a black grip tape for ultimate comfort and stability during skating. Even though it’s weighing only 9 pounds, this little fella supports amazing maximum weight. While most of its competitors shy away at around 150 to 200 lbs, this little guy goes full berserk when it comes to weight. 270 lbs is the maximum supported weight which is simply unbelievable.

If we take a sneak peek under the deck, we will find a powerful 600-watt motor that is capable of achieving up to 16 miles per hour max speed. Moreover, the built in Lithium Ion battery can endure roughly 10 kilometers on a single charge. Luckily, the single charge does not take an awfully lot of time. Only 2.5 hours is more than enough for it to be filled to the bar.

Another really interesting thing about this model is its bidirectional trait. This means that, with a simple switch on your handheld controller, you can easily change the direction in which you are going. That will surely come in handy if you like performing those good old tricks and flips down at the skate park. With all things considered, the Paradox is a pretty good model that will not set you back by a huge sum of money. Its standard price goes for around $400, which is not that big of a deal for an electric skateboard of this power.


4. Munkyboards SK-250BL

If you are looking for an electric skateboard with a pretty unique design, then Munkyboards’ SK-250BL has you covered! This little guy is powered by a 250 watt motor and runs on a Lithium Ion 4Ah battery. We are talking about a brushless motor. These usually tend to be more powerful, durable and not prone to breaking, which is always a good thing with electric rideables. In other words, this electric skateboard offers a reliable, but relatively expensive alternative to commuting (it costs roughly $500). The deck is made out of the finest Canadian Maple with a rather interesting pattern on its top. The deck itself is quite strangely designed with a classic round styled end on the back but a pointy edge on the front side.

This pointy little edge will have no problems though as it will be gliding forward with a maximum speed of up to 13 miles per hour. In addition to that, you’ll get approximately 8 miles of juice on a full charge. The charging time is pretty good too. The SK-250BL takes roughly 4 hours to fully charge after which you can plug it out and start riding it again. The controller is of standard quality, nothing special to tell you about it. It features controls that are insanely easy to learn, meaning that kids will have no problem with riding this little guy. All things considered, Munkyboards’ electric skateboard with a funny name could prove to be one of the coolest looking skateboards on the market.


3. Airwheel M3

This beautiful looking electric skateboard has a couple of aces up its sleeves… and it’s not afraid to show them! Other than its astonishing looks, Airwheel M3 has great specifications under the hood (or, in this case, under the deck) that will leave quite a few of you completely breathless. The reason behind this is its ability to achieve up to 13 miles per hour (20 kmh) and last up to 12 miles on a single full charge. Furthermore, Sony did an amazing job with the Lithium Ion battery pack. Not only is if so powerful to withstand the above mentioned 12 miles on a single charge, but it also has an amazingly quick charging time. Only 2 hours is just enough for this beast to be filled with juice and ready for the road once again.

Moreover, Airwheel features double circuits and control chips, making up for a more reliable experience. It even has its own dedicated smartphone app which can connect to the skateboard via Bluetooth. And finally, the last thing worth mentioning are its wheels. They come wrapped in rubber tiers that are capable of riding on all types of terrain, making this electric skateboard great for off road enthusiasts.


2. BY2 Electric Skateboard

BY2 might not be the most popular company in the electric rideables industry, but it sure did a great job with their new electric skateboard model. That is exactly why it made onto the second place of our top 8 list. So, what is so special about this skateboard? Well, let’s look at the facts first so we can better understand the awesome things about it.

First off, this little fella is equipped with 2 1000 watt motors, meaning you will get the effective power of 2000 watts directly underneath your feet. This amount of power is incredible and will allow the skateboard to reach the speeds of 15 miles per hour (equivalent to cca 25 km/h). Luckily, the battery is straight on par with the motors as it can reach up to 15 miles as well, or cca an hour of riding at full speed. Despite its awesome duration, the battery is not that good when it comes to charging. It will take it approximately 5 hours to fully charge which is a bit more than we’d like.

The build quality, on the other hand, is nothing short of brilliant. The frame is made out of aircraft grade carbon fiber meaning it is extremely lightweight and above all – durable. What’s even better, the Patented T-tube and skateboard deck are easily folded, making the skateboard extremely mobile and easy to transport from point A to point B. It passed all sorts of rigorous standard tests and it is 100% certified for safety, but still, despite that, upon purchasing it you will get a 12 months’ hassle-free warranty. Keep in mind that this model is not exactly children friendly. The manual states that it is only to be used by young adults ages 18 and above. So, with that being said, if you are looking for an electric skateboard for your little ones, then you might be better off looking someplace else…


1. The X-Board

The X-Board… What a catchy name for an electric skateboard, right? Well, its name is not the only reason why it has earned the top spot on our list. Among other things, there’s the exceptional (read minimalistic) design accompanied by great specifications that will serve you greatly whether you’re looking for a commuting method or just for some good old skateboarding fun on the modern way. Whatever the case is, the X-Board will amaze you, that’s for sure!

It sports a nice clean black and red finish and simply breaths out minimalism across all departments. The looks are there only to support effectiveness. That’s exactly the reason behind its handle that’s located in the middle of the deck itself. It’s effective (you can grab the skateboard by the handle and carry it around with you) and it looks cool as well. Do you think this is the best electric skateboard under $500?

Enough about looks, let’s talk more about the specifications of this beauty. First off, we are simply thrilled with the quality of its LG battery. Not only does it take only 2 hours to charge (which is substantially less than all of its competitors) but it is abler to endure almost 20 miles of range. Yup, you read that correctly, The X-Board lasts up to 20 miles (19 to be more precise) on a single full charge which is unheard of in this price range. Moreover, its powerful 1000 watt motor is able to reach 16 miles per hour which is… how should we put this the easy way… FREAKING AMAZING!!!

So yeah, I hope all of you now understand why The X-Board is the top listed electric skateboard model on our list…


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Now that you have had the chance to take a closer look at the top 7 electric skateboard models under $500, it is time to conclude this list with a couple of well-placed words. First of all, we would like to thank you for taking your time and carefully reading through the list. Second of all, we sincerely hope you found some valuable information within it. It is our passion to provide our readers with exclusive information that could help them with picking out the next model they’re going to purchase. And finally, we hope that you will visit us again and tell your friends about how awesome we are! Until next time – happy skating!

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