If you want to go fast, here are 5 electric skateboards you’ll love!

While most people’s favorite thing about electric skateboards is their simplicity and reliability as their daily commuting resort, there are people who love speed just as much all of the above! Believe it or not, there are even fully fledged electric skateboards racing tournaments where people test off their skills against their peers. Even though this sport is not nearly as big as drone racing, it could develop into something spectacular in the upcoming years. For now, if you are interested in the fastest electric skateboard that are currently available for purchase, you should take a closer look at the 5 models listed below. Each of them is extremely fast (electric skateboards for adults) and will surely give you a good dose of adrenaline time and time again!

Table : What is the Fastest Electric Skateboard

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5. Falcon Board

falcon speed electric skateboardFirst fast electric skateboard on our list is coming from Falcom. Falcon Board is actually a name of the company behind this model. They are not so popular in the electric rideables industry, but that is most likely due to the fact they have just joined in. Luckily, their first model is pretty good as it features a bunch of cool additions topped off with decent specs and good speed.

Falcon Board is equipped with an Oxygen Tech Motor. That is basically a specially designed brushless motor that is able to deliver whopping 1200W of pure power. Its linear acceleration allows it to go as fast 20 miles per hour which is amazing. The battery does not disappoint either. 8AH lithium battery with built in quick charge technology (charges to 100% in less than 2 hours) is able to deliver approximately 18 miles of range (TOP 5 Long range electric skateboards). So, if we combine cca 20mph top speed with 18 miles’ range, we will realize just how good this model is.

But the fun stuff about this electric skateboard don’t end here. It sports a robust but lightweight design with 8 ply maple wood deck under which lies the closed off motor and battery compartments. It is comfortable and rather flexible, allowing you to master the controls and maneuvers pretty quickly. And finally, the max supported weight is around 266 lbs (cca 120kg) which should be more than enough for any serious electric skateboard racers.


4. Benchwheel Dual 1800W

benchweel fast el skateboardNext fast electric skateboard is Benchwheel’s Dual 1800W electric skateboard (code name B2) that has quite the power and speed, but is priced a big higher than some of the faster models on the market (like Koowheel which is priced $100 lower and goes 7mph faster). Still, despite that, the B2 is still a viable option for people who don’t mind paying more for a bit sturdier design and built quality but with lower speeds.

This little fella features dual brushless motors which allow for extremely high torque acceleration. It can go to cca 19mph with ease in just a couple of seconds. Such powerful torque can strike you with surprise so it might be a good idea to either wear some safety pads or push the acceleration on your handheld controller one degree at a time… at least until you get a grasp on how powerful it really is.

The battery is pretty good too, but not really on par with some that are featured on competitive models. With cca 13 miles of range, there is no doubt it will be enough for an hour or two… But the problem is in its charging. It takes around 3 hours to fully charge which is not an optimal number, especially considering the relatively high price of the model that stands around $650. But, the build quality and design are something else… They are the main reasons why such a big price is justifiable in the first place. The skateboard is made with 3 base layers of finest quality bamboo along with 2 layers of high quality fibre glass. These 2 make up for an extremely lightweight and reliable build quality that will surely stand the test of time with ease.


3. Xtreme Free 1500W

This 36-inch beast of an electric skateboard is sure to provide you with enough speed to suit all your adrenaline needs. It looks amazing and features bright blue wheels and 7 ply Canadian Maple wood deck with an exceptional anti-skid tape for ultimate grip while skating.

In addition to all of the things mentioned above, the specifications of this beast are not to be taken for granted. The battery is awesome in all aspects. Not only does it have the well-known quick charge technology (it is fully charged in cca 2 hours give or take), but it will also endure roughly 20 miles of range on a single charge which is more than enough for all scenarios you might put it up against. Believe it or not, even though this is a fully fledged 36 inch models, it is still petty lightweight considering its big size. Weighing in at raound 14 lbs, you will have no problems with carrying it around. Moreover, it ca support up to 230lbs of weight, meaning you will be able to ride it even now after the Holidays and after your 10lbs gains!

And finally, it is important to mention the top speed of this device, and trust us, it’s fast. This little fella can reach up to 20 mph making it quite the speedy Gonzales. Even at the highest speed you will still feel comfortable and stable due to the awesome build quality that will make your skating experience as smooth as silk!


2. Koowheel

Koowheel is a very popular electric skateboard that is maintaining a huge base of followers that are amazed by its performance. We are talking about an innovative, comfortable… and above all FAST model that will surely catch your eyes with its great minimalistic design scheme.

First off, it is very important to mention a special feature this beast possesses. It is equipped with a special battery mechanism that allows you to quickly replace it. In other words, if you can handle the weight of a spare battery while skating (it weighs around 3.5lbs, not too heavy at all), when you run out of juice simply turn the skateboard upside down, take out your current (dead) battery and place in the new one. Viola – you’re going to double your range and enjoy the benefits of having an extra battery. This is especially awesome when you take into consideration the fact that each of them will last for about 25 miles, meaning you will be able to skate up to 50 miles if you bring an extra one… Talk about awesome range…

Luckily, the speed of this beast is no joke either. With its powerful dual brushless hub motors this little devil can reach speeds of up to 25mph, more than any of the previous models that we featured on this list. It’s extremely fast so make sure you wear proper safety equipment and obey the laws of the road since you will most likely be passing by cars with this much speed and power under your feet.


1. GT Powerboard

gt powerboard fast electric skateboardAnd finally, we have a proper premium fast electric skateboard with a premium price tag to its name. Of course, what other model would it be if not the almighty GT Powerboard. The most known electric skateboard on the market (the black anodized aluminium version) will set you back for more than $1,300, but it will provide you with a whopping amount of features spiced up with amazing specs that go alongside them.

First things first, it is important to state that this is the first off road speedster on this list. Its big rubber tires allow it to roll on all types of terrain with ease, meaning you can speed skate through parks, forests and whatnot without any sorts of issues. Moving onto the specs, you will be properly amazed by the numbers. Starting off at acceleration and top speed, this little fella can reach 23 mph in less than five seconds. I’m pretty sure you guys realize how fast that is. Moving onto the battery, you don’t have to worry about it either because it is quite powerful for an off road model. The built in SLA batteries will provide you with roughly 15 miles of range. If you’re not satisfied with that, you can get the H2A Lithium battery that is capable of enduring cca 22 miles… or 7 miles more than the SLA ones. All things considered, the GT Powerboard is an awesome electric skateboard. Perhaps it is not as fast as Koowheel, but It is off road ready and that’s what many of you will greatly appreciate.



With GT Powerboard we have come to the end of our Top 5 Fastest Electric Skateboard list. It was a nice little journey coming all the way from the top where Falcon Board took the 5th spot. As you could see for yourself, all of these models have similar characteristics and quite steady top speeds. Even though there are electric skateboards that can go much faster than these, most of them are modded or are built completely for scratch. In other words, these might not be the fastest ones in the world, but they sure are the fastest one that you can buy right now.

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