TOP 10 Electric Skateboards For Less Than $1000

As some of you already know, electric skateboards are a favorite new toy, or a serious mode of transport, of thousands of people across the country. In just the last couple of months this market has reported a huge growth in popularity. It comes as no surprise since electric rideables in general are becoming more and more popular with each passing month. It’s the rapid modernization of us as a society that led to this.

Electric skateboards, just the thing to spice up your routine

People don’t want to use old fashioned means of transport. No. They want something new, something innovative… something that will make others turn their heads at the first sight. And believe it or not, that’s exactly what electric skateboards have to offer. They represent the modernistic movement that’s happening everywhere around us.

Technology is making huge advancements fast and not a lot of people can catch up and keep up. However if you’re a techie and you’re looking for something that will spice up your boring daily routine, then you have come to the right place. Electric skateboards offer a huge variety of usage scenarios, ranging from good old tricking and flipping at the skate park, casual strolls down the hood or even for daily commuting to work. Today, we’ll see what’s the best electric skateboard under $1000.

What can I expect if I spend up to $1000 on an electric skateboard

Electric skateboards are nice and all that, but do I really need to spend upwards of a $1000 on an electric skateboard? Well the answer to that question is no, you don’t have to spend that much money. There are plenty of choices for under $500 and even under $300 for both kids and adults. But, as we are getting closer to the $1000 mark, you can find some very interesting models of electric skateboards. They offer much better quality control, specifications and even some nice bonus features.

For example, there’s the MaxFind, an electric skateboard which is waterproof. Several models have iPhone and Android apps for keeping an eye on board performance. Some even have replaceable batteries, for doubling mileage or tripling it with additional battery packs. All of these are nice perks that are hard to find at lower price points. That’s what you’re paying with the additional premium that you pay.

OK, so electric skateboards are amazing, which one should I buy?

They certainly are interesting gadgets, and as such, it’s not surprising that you will have to pay quite the money for the more premium models. Of course, it’s perfectly fine if you buy one on a budget, for less than $200, but if you want something really special, then you’re probably looking at $500+ price tags.

Still, even though the title of our little list here states „under $1000“, we are not going to limit ourselves with only the most expensive models. No. The 10 electric skateboards under $1000 models listed below range from $300 to $1000, which means that there will be something for everyone. So, if you are looking for a new toy, then make sure you carefully read through the paragraphs below because there’s plenty of useful information to be digested.

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TABLE : Electric Skateboards Under $1000

ImageNameMax speedRangeWeightPrice
10. SKATEBOLT25 mph19 miles280 lbsSee price now
9. Mototec 1600w Dirt22 mph10 miles280 lbsSee price now
8. Swagboard NG-111 mph10 miles176 lbsSee price now
7. MaxFind New Design17 mph10 miles220 lbsSee price now
6. Benchwheel18 mph13 miles200 lbsSee price now
5. Genesis Hellfire20 mph20 miles260 lbsSee price now
4. ATOM Electric B.3618 mph12 miles275 lbsSee price now
3. Genesis Tomahawk20 mph20 miles220 lbsSee price now
2. ACTON BLINK S15 mph7 miles220 lbsSee price now
1. Yuneec E-GO215 mph18 miles220 lbsSee price now


We’ll start the list with an up-and-comer in the world of electric skateboards, SKATEBOLT. This electric skateboard is sold by Alouette, a well-known manufacturer of electric skateboards. SKATEBOLT is their latest launch, a 38″ longboard with impressive specs, at least on paper, and even more appealing design. Let’s dig in and see what exactly does SKATEBOLT has to offer.

For a price tag of around $600, you get an extremely sturdy deck made out of 9ply Canadian maple wood. Having so many layers of maple wood allows SKATEBOLT to hold up to 280 lbs of weight. Such a high weight load should be enough to hold most people.

From my experience, you can still use the board even if you are slightly heavier than the advertised max weight. The only downside that I noticed is that since the motor (or motors) are working overtime, you don’t get the advertised top speed and range on a single battery charge.

Speaking of top speed and max range, the dual brushless hub motors, with a combined power output of 1000W can deliver a max speed of about 25 mph. This makes SKATEBOLT one of the fastest electric skateboards on the market today. Hidden away under the deck is a 36V, 6600 mAh LG lithium-ion battery which can keep you going for a very impressive 19 miles on a single charge. To help you monitor the current battery level, there are indicator lights on the remote, which is a nice touch.

Due to the powerful motors that it has, steep hills won’t be a problem for SKATEBOLT. It’s rated for up to 30° inclines. I tested it on a 20° slope, and it carried my 225 lbs without any speed loss. Board sits on 85A hardness rated wear-resistant PU wheels. To top it all off, SKATEBOLT’s internals is waterproof, so you can drive it even during rainy days, but I haven’t tested this myself. I think that Alouette did a great job with SKATEBOLT. We haven’t come close to our $1000 limit, for just $600 we have a worthy contender for the top pick of the under $1000 price range.


9. Mototec 1600w Dirt

The second-best model comes from MotoTec, a renowned company that is doing business all over the world. They’ve had a massive amount of success with their products in the last couple of months, and they are planning on continuing that with their awesome new electric skateboard.

The first thing that you will notice once you take a look at this little fella are its spiky tiers with large treads. As its name suggests, this model is capable of riding on all sorts of terrain including dirt, sand, gravel and so on… Yup, you can even ride this fella on the beach, if you’re into that type of stuff anyway.

It’s extremely powerful as well! With its 1600 watt dual motors, it is capable of reaching up to 22 mph, but that might be lower on different terrain and under a heavy load from the driver. The controller that comes with it has a trigger that helps you adjust it to 3-speed settings.

Moreover, it has amazingly versatile trucks and spring bushings, allowing it to give you smooth riding experience no matter what type of terrain you’re riding it on. All things considered, I believe this is the best all-terrain model on our list (it’s actually the only model that’s being marketed for different types of terrain). Of course, you can purchase this even if you’re located in a city. You can use it for your daily commuting as well… but, truth be told, not using the full potential of this beast would be a shame…


8. Swagboard NG-1

The list continues with, by far, the cheapest electric skateboard model. It is manufactured by Swagboard, a well-known company in the electric rideables market. For only $300, the NG-1 (short for NextGen) delivers an abundance of features topped off by decent specifications for this price range.

The deck is made from maple wood and finished off with a grip tape that ensures a more comfortable riding experience. In the package, you will not only get the electric skateboard itself, but you will also get its dedicated controller. It’s a pretty straightforward one with no fancy buttons or anything like that – very simple to use.

Beneath the deck, you will find a powerful Li-On Fe battery which can last up to 10 miles. Moreover, the delivers up to 11mph of top speed and can hold the weight up to 176 pounds. Considering this is a children’s model (a more sophisticated one, for that matter), the maximum weight is on point, although some of you might want it to be a big higher so you can test it out as well. Still, despite the low maximum allowed weight, NG-1 is a good model that is surely going to attract more and more customers with its awesome performance and cheap price.


7. MaxFind New Design

Moving on to something a bit beefier, we have MaxFind New Design Electric Skateboard. Without a proper name (just the company one), people immediately start to think that it’s a bad product. But, on the contrary, the MaxFind is a great model that will surely find its way into thousands of households worldwide.

The reason behind this statement is its awesome build quality and the sheer performance quality this bad boy is capable of delivering. For instance, the max speed this thing can reach is somewhere around 17 miles per hour(keep in mind that this is heavily depending on several important factors such as the type of road, weight of the rider, skills, and whatnot).

Combine that with cca 10 miles of battery duration (it features Samsung’s 18650 Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery) and you will notice that it’s a pretty good model capable of providing you with massive amounts of fun. In addition to that, this little fella also features the well-known IP65 certificate meaning it’s waterproof so you do not have to worry about getting it wet in puddles.

Another great thing about this model is its quick charging time allowed by Samsung’s Quick Charge technology. It takes roughly 1 hour to fully charge this little guy, making it perfect for your daily commuting needs.


6. Benchwheel

Benchwheel might not be the most popular electric skateboard that’s currently available for purchase, but it is a great model in every sense of the word. It’s stylish, it’s fast and it’s reliable… What more could you wish for?

Let’s start off with the only downside of this model and that is its price tag of roughly $650. While that’s not such a big deal if you take a look at some of the other models, considering what exactly does it have to offer, I believe it’s cca $50 too much. That’s why I would advise you to purchase it while it’s on sale, and that tends to be quite frequent nowadays.

Now the good things. First off, its 1800W dual brushless motors are amazing. Not only will they provide you with high torque and excellent top speeds, but it will also give you an extra dose of both durability and reliability. Those two things are always important, and perhaps that’s one of the reasons it’s priced so high.

The maximum speed this device can reach is somewhere around 18.5 miles per hour, which is pretty good. On the other hand, it’s battery is not so awesome. Not only does it take roughly 3 hours to charge (and they have the nerves to call it FastCharge), but it is only capable of providing you with cca 13 miles of range.

Still, if you look at the build quality and the massive amount of people praising its quality, the Benchwheel seems to par pretty good with its competitors, even with the price tag that makes us expect just a tiny bit more from it.


5. Genesis Hellfire

If you are looking for raw power, then Hellfire is all you’re looking for. Genesis made sure that this model has all you might ever need in terms of both its speed and range. So with that being said, let’s see how awesome this model really is!

If you are buying an electric skateboard for riding constantly from point A to point B on a daily basis, then you will simply love Hellfire. It’s extremely fast, meaning it will save you a lot of time in the process.

Its powerful motor helps it reach up to 20 mph while its battery is there to ensure around 20 miles of range. The charging time goes somewhere around 2 to 3 hours, which is not that much… But still, we would love to see an upgraded version with the Quick Charge technology implemented.

The controller that comes within the package is awesome, unlike any other that you’ve seen so far. It’s stylish, responsive, and best of all – its battery lasts for roughly 7 days of constant use. Another very important thing worth mentioning is the maximum allowed weight.

For this model, it goes around 260lbs which is sure to give you a lot of breathing space even during the winter body season!


4. ATOM Electric B.36

With Electric B.36, we’re now getting closer to the set cut off point in terms of pricing. At a price of around $900, ATOM has made one of the most powerful electric skateboards that I’ve ever laid my eyes on. It has a dual belt drive that can deliver 3600W of power.

Let me repeat that, it has two, not one, two 1800W belt drive motors. Some people don’t like electric skateboards with belt drives, due to the increased chances of failure on their part. In this case, however, it’s important to keep in mind that this particular belt drive was created by ATOM. They are known for making highly reliable boards, so I don’t think there should be any kind of problem with B.36.

High power motors that are propelling B.36 are perfect for heavier riders, for obvious reasons. To accommodate heavier riders, you also need a deck that can hold the extra weight. B.36 has a 36″ deck made out thick bamboo/maple wood combo that can hold up to 275 lbs of weight. It’s all black, with yellowish color outlines and a grip hole on one side.

Top speed is set at a rather impressive 18 mph. You’d expect it’d be even more due to the powerful motors that B.36 has. I took a peek under the hood, or should I say under the deck, under the battery cover, and the B.36 has a gigantic 8800 mAh hour Samsung battery for extra reliability and mileage, which is set at around 12.5 miles on a single charge. The low range on a single charge seems to be a trait of many ATOM boards, but with B.36 they are getting better.

It takes around 3 hours for the battery to charge, from empty to full, which is impressive considering its size. Regenerative braking helps extend battery life, which is a nice touch. Battery level indicator is built into the board, to help you keep tabs on how much juice you’ve got left. The remote control has a very ergonomic design, and next to the usual controls like accelerating/brake, there are also controls for changing between the two available speed modes.

Slower one is for beginners and those who don’t want to cruise at top speeds, and the faster one is for the thrill-seekers who want all the speed that B.36 can deliver. If you live in a hilly area or are heavier, or both, this is the board for you. It’s powerful, tough and comes from a reputable manufacturer. What more could you ask for?


3. Genesis Tomahawk

After looking at the awesome Hellfire, Tomahawk is the second model of electric skateboards coming straight from Genesis. It features a similar design and specs, but the experts will notice a couple of key differences…

Let’s start this analysis off by stating that the top speed of this device is somewhere around 20mph. No more, no less! Combine that with roughly the same number of miles for the range, 20 miles max range, and you’ll understand why is this model selling like crazy.

Another great thing about it is its style and the fact that it comes fully assembled. Yup, that’s right. While some of the models on this list might need some screwing or stuff like that, the Tomahawk can be ridden straight out of the box… and that’s the true beauty of it!

The controller is awesome as well. It resembles a short-piped gun, to be honest, but don’t let that discourage you from purchasing it! The quality and responsiveness are both pretty good, meaning you will not have any issues when it comes to controlling the skateboard. All in all, it’s safe to say that Genesis played it well with this model. It’s nothing special but it’s still pretty reliable across all departments.



Next to some of the other monster models mentioned on this list BLINK S almost seems like a toy. Deck length of 27.5″ puts BLINK S a whole 11.5″ shorter than for example ATOM Electric B.36. Its small size and weight are exactly what ACTON was trying to achieve with BLINK S.

Most of the models under $1000 that I mentioned on this list are, like I already mentioned, monsters, with deck sizes approaching 40″. That hardly makes them portable, but with BLINK S you get the compactness that’s needed to make the board portable.

At the same time BLINK S doesn’t seem to be sacrificing performance as much as you’d expect it to. Single 600W hub motor that’s found under the deck can deliver top speeds of up to 15 mph. It can also go against up to 10° inclines, which is not bad considering the small size of this electric skateboard.

Lithium-ion battery made by Samsung can provide 7 miles on a single charge. This is with regenerative braking that’s built-into the board. It’s a small battery, and mileage could be better, but you can’t have it all with such a small board.

The deck is made out of Canadian Maple wood and supported by an aircraft-grade aluminum frame. It can hold up to 220 lbs of weight. Board can be controlled using a dedicated remote control, which has 3 work ride modes (they change top speed). There is also a phone app (iOS and Android) that can be used to sync up your phone to the board and monitor top speed, distance traveled, battery level, etc.

With a price tag of $699, BLINK S is the perfect board for inner-city commuters and students. There’s now even a “back to school” discount, 20% off. It’s very portable, has decent enough weight restriction, and top speed. The only thing where it’s lacking is the range. Still, if you’re looking for a top-tier portable electric skateboard, ACTON BLINK S is for you.


1. Yuneec E-GO2

The last product on our list is made by Yuneec, a company that got famous for its excellent drones that have been sweeping the market lately. They are doing their best to build up on their recent success by expanding their manufacturing ideas and coming up with a brilliant solution to electric skateboarding. Many will say this is the best electric skateboard under $1000, do you agree?

Yuneec E-GO2 is a rather stylish piece of electric rideables. It comes in 3 colors (pink, blue and green) and has the well-familiar kicktail shape that many of you will consider awesome.

Moving onto the specifications, the E-GO2 is capable of going up to 15 miles per hour, but that depends on the weight of the rider and many other factors (as is the case with all other electric skateboards). What’s great about this model and what makes it the perfect solution for distant daily commuting is its exceptionally long battery duration. It is able to reach 18 miles with ease, and can even go a bit further if you are on the Eco mode (set up via the included wireless controller) for the whole riding duration.

Yuneec even created an iPhone app (Android app is being developed ATM Android app is available) that lets you keep track of your stats and battery levels at any time. It’s a small feature but will prove to be extremely useful in the long run. All in all, I believe it is pretty clear that Yuneec’s E-GO2 has a bright future ahead of itself. I don’t see any reason why it should not…



So, with that awesome top spot on our list of TOP 10 Electric skateboards under $1000, I am afraid we have come to the conclusion. To be honest, there isn’t anything smart left to be said after looking at all those awesome models. What I would like to emphasize in the very last paragraph is safety. If you are perhaps planning on buying one of these models for your children, then you should probably invest in some sort of safety equipment as well.

Electric skateboards might seem like no big deal, but trust me, they can go pretty fast, especially the premium (read more expensive) models. That’s why, as a safety measures, pick up some good pads and helmet… just in case!

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