Elsk8 C1 All Carbon Fiber Direct Drive Electric Skateboard

$1,190.00 $949.00


What is new?

This will be the highest standard of electric skateboard industry. 

1) All carbon fiber deck

2) Upgraded direct-drive motors 

3) Upgraded battery

Battery: Samsung Lithium Ion. 12s3p 44.4V 466.2Wh 10.5Ah

4) 3D Shock-Absorbing honeycomb foam Grip Tape

5) 3A FAST Aluminum Charger

6) Remote with programming functionality has different braking gear

7) More wheels option

The current wheels we use are 100mm PU wheels. The rebound is 78a which is the same as cloudwheels.

You could also have wheels at our Wheels collection.

Product Description

Deck and Case material : All carbon fiber

Deck length: 39″/102cm

Deck wheelbase: 30″/75cm

Trucks: Super carve 320mm/13inch width (Double suspension)

Wheels: 97mm Long Lasting PU wheels

Motors: Direct Drive motor 6000 watt,diameter:63mm, Superior Heat Dissipation,Max AMPS:75A, Max Voltage:12S/50.4V, Max KV Rating: 75KV( 58KV each)

Bearings: Abec 9 Waterproof: IP55

Battery: Samsung Lithium Ion. 12s3p 44.4V 466.2Wh 10.5Ah

Recharge: Approx. 2 hours

Weight: 8 kg.

Range: Up to 42km/26miles

Top Speed: Approx. 51kmh/32mph

Regenerative Braking

Noise: Minimal noise#x2028; Just like a Dual Hub motor

acceleration: Three Speed Modes

Remote: Hobbywing Remote Controller

Max Load: 120kg / 265 lbs.

Terrain: Smooth and hard surfaces – Switch out the wheels really easy

Hills: Up to 25% gradient THIS IS STEEP



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