5 Foldable electric scooters you can buy today

Electric scooters are a fun, modern way of traveling or commuting. Great for young and older ages, anyone can make use of a scooter, whether it’s around the neighborhood, city, commuting to work, campus, and even park. But, like with most things, there’s no one-size-fits-all scooter. There are different models for various uses. Some scooters are capable of long distances, high speeds, heavy carrying capacity, or travel. Some are inexpensive, others are more costly. The good news is, there is a range of options for everyone, and we’re here to help you find the best folding scooter.

best folding electric scooters

Best Folding Electric Scooters 2020

What is a folding scooter? Simply put, it’s a common trait of electrics scooters where the model does precisely as described: folds. Scooters are often an alternative to regular travel, and as such need to be easily carried and stored. Naturally, a scooter that can fold is the solution, meaning the handlebars are pressed to form a flatter design, instead of its typical ninety-degrees. This was atypical of early electric-scooter designs, but today is a common feature.

In this article, we’ll help you find and select the best folding scooter for your price range and performance needs.


Before You Buy

Like with any major purchase, you’ll want to take some considerations into mind before making an investment. Electric scooters – as we’ve mentioned – come in a variety of types, sizes, and specifications. Understanding what suits you best is important to get the most use out of your folding scooter. For instance, what if you need an electric scooter capable of traveling distances over 15 miles but purchased one falling short of that? Or, what if you need to routinely travel over rough terrain? Making the wrong investment will simply cause you more headaches down the road.

So, before you open your wallet, make a short list of questions and answers so you can pin down the best possible choice for you (or your family member).

  • What is the environment you’ll be riding in (city, campus, neighborhood, rough terrain)?
  • Do you plan to use the scooter for travel or leisure? Or both?
  • How often do you plan to travel with the scooter in a day?
  • How far do you need to go and what speed are you looking for?
  • What’s your overall budget?

When you’ve figured these things out, you can make an informed decision to get the best possible results from your chosen scooter. With that out of the way, let’s dive into the five best folding scooters on the market!


Table: Best Folding Electric Scooters

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Gotrax HR electric scooterThe GOTRAX XR is one of our initial listings, and for good reason. It fulfills many of the essential roles users look for when riding an electric scooter and has plenty of impressive specs for both enthusiasts and casual riders.

This scooter operates at a top speed of 15mph and carries a total weight of up to 220 lbs, so it’s good for adult riders of various sizes. It accomplishes this with an LG battery, getting it to distances of up to 18 miles on a full charge. With its motor, it can handle inclines of around 15 degrees, though any higher and you’re unlikely to gain traction.

A handy feature for riders is an included LED screen providing valuable info, such as total charge, miles traveled, and time. And, of course, the scooter can be folded for easy transport.

Specs Overview
  • Pneumatic dual braking system combined with 300w motor
  • Reaches speeds of up to 15mph for a maximum distance of 18 travel miles on full battery charge
  • LED screen for various displayed info and adjustable gear system
  • Foldable scooter with a lightweight aluminum design

As far as standard scooters go, this one hits a lot of sweet spots and is a decent go-to option.

  • Good handling and driving with the braking system at reasonable speeds
  • Lightweight and foldable, easy to carry around
  • Good for city commutes

  • Not the highest speed or longest potential distance
  • Doesn’t handle inclines meaning you’re restricted to mostly flat smooth terrain


4. Segway Ninebot ES2

segway-ninebot-es2_webSegway is a common name in the electric scooter world, and for good reason. They develop scooters suited for modern needs, fit with ergonomic dimensions that perform well and are easy to transport.

The Ninebot ES2 is no stranger to these specs. The ES2 is like most scooters, capable of carrying riders up to 220 lbs and reaching speeds of 15mph for up to 15 miles of the total distance (on a full charge). But, it wins out for its flat, non-intrusive frame, a lightweight model easy to take anywhere.

It also integrates Bluetooth technology via LED screen to display rider statistics, like remaining charger and distance traveled. An integrated app also increases mobile security and continuous updates for the scooter.

It’s a slightly more expensive option and better suited to inner-city travel (or similar), but still a great choice.

Specs Overview
  • Lightweight, ergonomic design of 23 lbs with folding capabilities via one click
  • Bluetooth integration with the compatible app combined with LED display
  • Reaches a top speed of up to 15mph and reaches a travel distance of 15 miles on full battery charge
  • 300w motor capable of carrying riders up to 220 lbs

  • Integrated app is a nice touch for additional security
  • Easy to care when folded and design is not heavy or intrusive
  • Good speed and carrying capacity

  • On the pricier spectrum of electric scooters
  • Not the fastest scooter so better off for short commutes


3. Hover-1 Alpha

Hover 1 electric scooterOur next choice sits in the middle, and that’s an appropriate spot given that it has specs that are “in the middle.” In other words, it’s got improvements over the first choices, though some differences which might turn away potential buyers. That’s not to say this is a bad pick by any means, however.

The Hover-1 is no slouch and increases its carrying capacity to 265 lbs. It’s still foldable, but the trade-off is the design is larger than our previous choices. That’s because it carries a larger 450watt motor and can reach speeds of up to 17mph, yet it’s total travel distance on a full charge is 15 miles. So as you can see, there are things it improves on, and things it doesn’t. If you want a foldable electric scooter reaching slightly faster speeds and similar distances to our previous choices, this is for you.

But, if you want something that’s easier to fold and more ergonomic, it might not be the best option. However, for the price, it’s not a bad option at all.

Specs Overview
  • 10-inch air-filled tires with 450-watt motor reaching speeds of up to 17mph
  • LED display fit with gear shift bars
  • Total travel distance between 12-15 miles
  • Charge time of 4-6.5 hours
  • Total weight between 15-40 lbs depending on model

  • Durable choice for heavier individuals desiring greater speeds
  • Foldable design for easy transportation
  • Affordable option generally starting at the $400 USD mark

  • Heavier design may be offputting for some
  • Though it travels at higher speeds, its overall distance is shorter
  • Charge time may be too long for some


2. HiBoy MAX

Hiboy electric scooterOur fourth pick sports some impressive specs and does a good job combining modern design and practical performance. Though it has a 350watt motor and smaller design, it’s no slouch, capable of reaching up to 18mph at top speed and 17 miles of total distance possible (on full charge).

It’s foldable as you can expect, sporting an LED display for total current speed, equipped with lights for safe night traveling. It’s a great fit for commuters, campus travel, leisure, and even getting to work. You can also take advantage of its integrated app and Bluetooth feature, which locks/unlocks the electric scooter for use.

Specs Overview
  • Quick fold design
  • Bluetooth integration and security app for distance lock/unlock
  • 350watt motor for speeds up to 17mph
  • Total distance 18mph assuming no inclines/rough terrain
  • 8.5-inch air tires and total scooter weight is 34 lbs

  • Maintains a powerful speed and distance without compromising size
  • Nice LED display and capable of night travel
  • Folding design means it’s easy to transport

  • Doesn’t have a regenerative batter like its counterpart models
  • Slightly heavier than other choices
  • Not the longest distance



joyor-x5s_webWe’ve come to our final choice in the best folding electric scooters, and it’s no slouch. The X5S sports some serious hardware capable of both high performance for riders coupled with accessibility via folding ability. That should come as no surprise, but the difference is the Joyor is easy to carry, regardless of where you are.

On top of having good speed thanks to a 500w electric motor, this one is packing some serious travel capabilities too. Riders can easily expect to reach distances up to 31 miles on a full battery charge, assuming no serious obstacles during travel.

It’s got an assortment of other handy features to make the riding experience both a safer and more enjoyable one. For example, anti-slip material for extra grip means rider’s are less likely to fall off, even over rough terrain. Brakes are designed not to lock up (suddenly stop) and responsive. It can also carry riders up to 265lbs, though it won’t skimp on performance regardless.

Specs Overview
  • 500w electric motor with up to 31 miles of travel distance at full charge (longer under certain conditions)
  • Anti-lock braking system with 10-inch tires
  • Folding design with a total weight of 33 lbs
  • LED display with cruise control options for safer travel
  • Headlights for night travel and included warranty depending on the vendor

  • Excellent distance for the model with great speed
  • Great carrying capacity and safety features with the LED display are a nice touch
  • Not too heavy and foldable for easy carry

  • Most expensive of our choices and may not fit everyone’s budget
  • Best used for long travel commutes to get the best use out of it


You’ve visited our list, and now you’ve gotten a taste of some of the best folding electric scooters on the market today. These fit a variety of budgets and needs, suiting anything from leisure to commutes.


Benefits of owning a foldable vs non-foldable electric scooter?

Not all scooters can fold, and while that’s not always a deal breaker it’s a notable distinction. The major benefit and advantage a folding scooter has over its counterpart is transportation. Folding scooters are easy to carry and take with owners no matter where they are. For some, it’s important to have a lightweight alternative to their usual methods of travel. They’re not as large or cumbersome as traditional electric or motor scooters, so if you’re after convenience, that’s a foldable scooter.


Are there any special requirements for owning an electric scooter?

Aside from city regulations, there are no special licenses needed for electric scooters. In fact, laws regarding scooters will vary based on where you live. It is important that you check with local municipalities to see if there are any laws surrounding the use of an electric scooter, but as far as federal law goes, you’re good to go.

The one major limit to scooter design is a safety wire, limiting their speeds to 15mph. Before you can reach speeds faster than that, the wire has to be removed, and you’ll need to check if that’s allowed depending on where you live.


Why should I use an electric scooter?

Everyone has a different reason for owning/using a scooter. For many, it’s an alternative way to travel or commute short distances – such as to work or campus. For others, it’s a fun method to travel around parks or the neighborhood, as a gift for family members. Some also use it as an alternative to walking to reduce joint pain (or for those who have difficulty moving in general).

Additionally, electric scooters are green friendly. They produce no emissions and don’t run on fuel. In some cases, electric scooters even gain charge through traction, so you’re doing your part for the environment just by riding one!



Keep in mind: Safety

Remember, though cities and states may not have exact regulations surrounding electric scooters, it’s still important to practice personal safety. Always wear protective headgear, no matter the circumstances and no matter where you’re traveling to prevent critical injury to the skull. Kneepads and elbow pads are also recommended.



Electric folding scooters are one of the best modern ways to travel and commute. They’re eco friendly and easier to charge, a great alternative to walking or biking if you don’t have time. Hopefully, our list has provided you some great options to find the best possible folding electric scooter for your or a loved one.

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