5 Electric Scooters that can go long range

Electric scooters are a convenient, entertaining way to commute. Whether it’s for entertainment, work, or otherwise, they’re a great alternative to walking or biking when the former isn’t practical. Or, they’re just a fun way to travel around neighborhoods, city blocks, campuses, and even work locations.


5 Best Long Range Electric Scooters 2020

Of course, electric scooters vary based on their model, age, and type. Not all scooters are the same and all perform differently than the other. This is especially the case for distance traveled – or in other words, the range of the scooter. Depending on the motor and overall charge of an electric scooter, how far it can go (and at what speed) is different. If you’re someone looking for top long-range scooters, then look no further. We’ve put together a quick list of some of the best long-range scooters currently available for enthusiasts and commuters alike.


Why get a long range electric scooter?

As mentioned, electric scooters are a convenient way to travel, especially as an alternative to biking or walking. Additionally, because they’re electric they can save you money on gas. Because they’re electric, electric scooters are also eco friendly. You’re going green just by using them!

Electric scooters also provide help for those who might have difficulty moving long distances and experience joint pain. While not a complete solution, they can be useful for commuting in areas where foot traffic is more common than vehicle travel.


What should I look for in an electric scooter?

Before purchasing any kind of scooter, you want to know a few things: what you’ll primarily use it for, your overall budget, how easy it is to take with you and store, and how simple it is to charge. There are other factors too, like whether you’ll need a beginner-friendly scooter and age of the rider.

Once you determine those things (creating a small list for yourself can help) you’ll better identify the right scooter for you. For instance, you’ll want a light chassis scooter if you plan to frequently carry/take the scooter with you for trips. Some scooters are heavy given what they can do, even exceeding 50lbs on average, so in this scenario, you’d want the lighter one.


Are there any special requirements for owning/using an electric scooter?

For the most part, no, users don’t need specialized licenses to operate an electric scooter. However, it’s important to note that certain regulations can apply regarding scooters depending on where you live. There may be laws or limits on where you can travel with a scooter, so it’s recommended to check local policies – if any – to make sure you don’t run into the law when traveling on the scooter.

Beyond this, you won’t require any special training or skills, though some practice is recommended. It’s important to practice personal safety and be aware of others.


5 Best Long Range Electric Scooters

We’ll list off some of the best long-distance scooters currently available. Overall, our selections are prioritizing the total distance traveled per charge. That is to say, a full battery charge to depleted. Various factors could affect this, such as user weight, age, terrain, and motor power. Assuming nothing impacts the speed of your scooter, however, you can expect the full distance covered in the specs.

Comparison Table:

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5. Segway Ninebot ES2

segway-ninebot-es2_webSegway definitely delivers on modern scooters by combining handy features and app integration while still offering a great product. The first pick, then, is a decent start for long range scooters, sitting at 15 miles per full charge. It does this with a lightweight 27 lbs chassis and 300w motor. There are extra integrations too, like bluetooth and smartphone compatibility, making it a contemporary choice for enthusiasts and tech lovers.

Specs Overview
  • Max travel distance of 15 miles on full charge
  • Travels at 15mph on 300w motor without terrain difficulties
  • Front shocks for smoother and safer riding
  • Rider max weight of 220 lbs

  • App and bluetooth integration is a nice touch for stat tracking and safety
  • Decent speed for a starter scooter and holds weight well
  • Lightweight design makes it easy to transport and carry

  • Distance may be too limited for some and only good for short commutes
  • Price point is high for a starter model



4. Hiboy S2

hiboy-s2_webOur next selection is a recommended option for enthusiasts and beginners alike. It covers up to 17 miles of distance per battery charge (assuming no difficulties when moving). It’s a good commute scooter for campuses, business, or recreation. Compared with other choices, it’s lightweight and easy to carry as well, good qualities for any electric scooter.

Specs Overview
  • 350W motor reaching speeds of up to 18mph with no hindrance
  • At full charge, max travel distance is up to 18.6 miles
  • Foldable design and lightweight for easy carrying and travel
  • Comes with an integrated app which can track travel stats and battery life (iPhone/Android compatible)

  • Great choice for commuters in cities or on campuses where smooth terrain is common
  • Good distance and good speed for the price range, and the additional app is a nice integration
  • Dual braking system for easy stops and has a regenerative battery for downhill slopes

  • The distance of 18.6 miles is still at the lower end of travel distance for some enthusiasts
  • Not good for rough terrain or severe inclines



3. ESKUTE 350w

eskute-350w_webOur next choice sits at the bottom run in terms of distance traveled, but, is a good entry-level scooter model that’s both inexpensive and practical. Charge times are quick and expected to reach five hours of lifetime in between charges. It’s fairly easy to take with you for traveling and fits a variety of travel needs, leisure or otherwise.

Specs Overview
  • 350W motor capable of reaching 15mph speeds with a total distance of 18.6 miles maximum distance before needing recharge
  • Foldable and lightweight design with smart braking system
  • An LED display featuring miles travelled
  • Total weight at 28 lbs

  • Decent entry price for a beginner scooter with solid specs
  • LED screen can give user additional info
  • Smarty battery system assures lifetime between charges is as long as possible

  • Mainly for smooth terrain and not recommended for steep inclines
  • 18 miles in total distance may be too short for some

It’s not a bad starter choice and a great gift or potential option for short commutes. However, enthusiasts looking for a bigger distance will want to keep searching.




joyor-x5s_webWe’re jumping into scooter options with much greater distance capabilities now. The JOYOR XS5 has lots of high points for enthusiasts, including a great carry load, good speed, and durable tires for rougher terrain. This one is able to go much farther distances, 31-40 miles approximately on a full charge. It accomplishes this with a 500w motor.

Specs Overview
  • Foldable and easy to store and carry for commuting and leisure
  • Carry capacity of around 250 lbs
  • Can reach 31-40 miles in distance at roughly 15mph
  • Anti-slip pedals for rider safety in wet conditions

  • Great distance covered, meeting a decent mix of speed and travel time
  • Anti-slip material is a positive for increased rider safety
  • Good option for commuting, especially for work or in cities

  • Higher price point, starting at $600 USD at minimum
  • Slightly heavier than previous selections
  • Only handles inclines of up to 15 degrees



1. Segway Ninebot MAX

Segway Ninebot MAX We’re fast approaching electric scooters which are, frankly, capable of reaching distances of cars on tanks of gas. One such option is the Segway Ninebot MAX, a powerful option for those looking to get the maximum potential from an electric scooter. This one hits the mark because on a full battery charge, it can travel up to 40 miles on average (not factoring in weight or terrain).

It offers some unique integrations too, such as an informative LED screen giving the rider visual statistics such as distance traveled, battery charge, and even an integrated app. It’s also good for heavier riders too, capable of carrying persons up to 220 lbs.

Specs Overview
  • Capable of reaching speeds up to 18.6mph with a 350w electric motor for a maximum travel distance of 40 miles per full charge
  • Integrated app featuring various rider stats with accompanying safety modules
  • Smart braking system to prevent abrupt or dangerous braking coupled with LED display for different rider modes and information (also Bluetooth compatible)
  • Folding system for travel and carry

  • Feature-rich electric scooter with plenty of modern additions making it a unique and engaging experience
  • Great speed and excellent distance for commute or leisure
  • Bluetooth capable with added security features via an integrated app while scooter also comes with an integrated charger
  • Smart battery for longest possible battery life and quick charging

  • Sits at a higher price tier and geared towards enthusiasts and those who need it for commuting
  • Best for smooth terrain and not designed for overly steep inclines or rough areas
  • Doesn’t have a seat expansion option


young girl riding electric scooter

Getting the best use out of your electric scooter

Well, we’ve covered a lot of territory so far and provided some of the best long range electric scooter models currently on the market. Newer versions will no doubt release every year, but these are dependable and tested, suiting different needs and price tiers. However, regardless of what model and unit you choose, it’s good to know how to get the best use from them. That is to say, what environment and situation works well for the scooter you chose (or are thinking of choosing).

Recall the list we mentioned at the beginning of the article. Now it’s time to put some of that to good use, because not all environments are suited to the use of an electric scooter.


For 18 mile ranges

Electric scooters of this range are often best suited to quick commutes and local travel – that is to say, moving from place to place that doesn’t require a vehicle. Or, where using an electric scooter over a vehicle makes more sense.

This can fit a variety of scenarios. Younger riders can enjoy scooters for the neighborhood or parks. Older users can ride them on their way to class on campus, or work commuting in areas that aren’t hazardous to ride through.


For 40 mile ranges

Once you get to this range, electric scooters can be used for all sorts of things. Work commutes are easier in city areas (though we don’t recommend them for back and forth trips if you don’t have access to a charging outlet) and an alternative way to get around town, if you so choose. If your scooter can manage on rougher terrain, even better, but be sure the device is actually capable of doing so or otherwise you’ll risk damaging it.


For max ranges

Inner city and town use are entirely possible. The long distance means you can get just about anywhere on the scooter (at a reasonable distance). It’s not for dedicated travel, obviously, given regulations require speed limits of about 15mph. However, if you’re looking to cut on the gas bill by making quick trips here and there, max range scooters going at least 70 miles perform this function well.



Safely Operating an Electric Scooter

Despite their lack of license requirements, scooters are still moving devices that require a level of caution before using, especially at younger ages. Before operating, make sure the scooter is fully charged so as not to experience interruptions when using. Avoid crowded areas and don’t travel through or near crowds (obviously).

Wear appropriate safety gear as well. Helmets are always recommended, and if you plan to use long-distance scooters over rough terrain, we recommend padding for knees and elbows. Again, be sure to mind any local regulations – whether its law, city, or town mandate. In most parts of the US, for instance, fast scooters are held to 15mph by safety wire.

Now, you’ve got a fairly good idea of what to expect when purchasing an electric scooter.



Long range scooters are a great way to commute, travel, or entertain yourself in various situations. Whether it’s the park, campus, city, or town, they fit all sorts of needs. Hopefully our list gives you an idea of what’s out there and provides a source to locate the best long range electric scooters for you.

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