If you want to go fast, here are 10 electric skateboards you’ll fall in love with !

While most people’s favorite thing about electric skateboards is their novelty, the whiff of futurism that surrounds them, there are also adventurers out there who love speed above all else! Believe it or not, there are even full-fledged electric skateboard racing tournaments where people test their skills against their peers. Even though this sport is not nearly as big as drone racing, it could develop into something spectacular in the upcoming years.

What does it take for an electric skateboard to go fast?

There are a couple of things that need to fall into place for an electric skateboard to be fast. Let’s go over each of them individually.

  • Rider weight – an important factor that plays a huge role in achieving high speeds is the rider weight. Unfortunately the more a rider weighs, the slower the board is going to be. Higher weight load is more of a burden on the motors and that’s why top speed will be limited should you push the boards max weight capacity to its limits.
  • Motor power – obviously, the more powerful the motors are, the faster the board is going to be. In fact, to touch on my previous point, if you do weigh more, look for boards with more powerful motors, the ones with over 1000W of power. More powerful motors can offset the weight problem so you can cruise along fast even if you’re a bit bulkier like me at my 225 lbs.
  • Terrain type – riding on steep terrain will cost you speed. Most manufacturers test their boards on even terrain, so people get surprised when the board underperforms when going uphill. Premium offset this problem as well with, you’ve guessed it, more powerful motors.
  • Board design and quality – for a board to be competitive when it comes to top speeds it’s important that it’s built well. We’re talking proper power transmission from the motor to the wheels, using the dual-motor setup, high-quality materials on the wheels for maximum grip, etc.

There you have, those are the main factors in determining how fast a certain board can go. Try to mix and match between these to gain the full speed from your board.


Where do I find fast electric skateboards?

If you are interested in the fastest electric skateboards that are currently available for purchase, you should take a closer look at the 10 models listed below. Each of them is extremely fast (electric skateboards for adults) and will surely give you a good dose of adrenaline time and time again!


Table: What is the Fastest Electric Skateboard

ImageNameMax SpeedRangeWeightPrice
10. MotoTec MT-SKT-160022 mph10 miles260 lbsSee price now
9. Falcon Board20 mph18 miles266 lbsSee price now
8. Genesis Hellfire20 mph20 miles265 lbsSee price now
7. Benchwheel Dual 1800W19 mph13 miles265 lbsSee price now
6. Xtreme Free 1500W20 mph20 miles220 lbsSee price now
5. KooWheel D3M Onyx Edition20 mph25 miles290 lbsSee price now
4. BLITZART Huracane20 mph12 miles300 lbsSee price now
3. ATOM Electric B.3618 mph12 miles275 lbsSee price now
2. SKATEBOLT25 mph19 miles280 lbsSee price now
1. GT Powerboard23 mph15 miles300+ lbsSee price now

10. MotoTec MT-SKT-1600

MotoTec MT-SKT-1600 probably doesn’t look like any of the electric skateboards that you’ve seen up until now. The reason for that lies in the fact that MT-SKT-1600 is built for off-road skateboarding.

With large threaded pneumatic rubber tires, and powerful motors you can develop a lot of torque. Dual motor setup, 800W each, offers a total of 1600W of power. We’re however not interested in motor power, but rather the speed that they offer.

Top speed that MT-SKT-1600 is capable of going varies between 18-22 mph. The lighter the rider is, the faster the board will go.

Deck measures a very large 46″ in length. It’s made out of 12-ply maple wood. This allows it to withstand weights of up to 260 lbs. I think it’s also important to note that the board itself weight astonishing 71 lbs.

To say that it’s big would be an understatement. You’ll have a hard time carrying it under your arm should you ever run out of battery while out on a ride. While we’re on the subject of battery, the built-in 14000 mAh battery will last you for about 10 miles on a single charge. It could be more, it could be less, depending on the weight of the rider and the terrain, especially on a power-hungry model such as MT-SKT-1600.

The wireless remote control could be better. It feels very low quality, more like a toy than a remote control for such a powerful skateboard. Also, dues to the size and the weight of the board, it’s very difficult to make turns.

Something like that is to be expected I guess, considering the size of the board, but it’s really is something that they should have thought of when designing the board. The price tag of around $690 puts MT-SKT-1600 on the higher end of the price spectrum as far as electric skateboards go, but I think it’s worth it when you factor in everything that you get in return.


9. Falcon Board

falcon speed electric skateboardThe second fast electric skateboard on our list is coming from Falcom. Falcon Board is actually the name of the company behind this model. They are not so popular in the electric rideables industry, but that is most likely due to the fact they have just joined in. Luckily, their first model is pretty good as it features a bunch of cool additions topped off with decent specs and good speed.

Falcon Board is equipped with an Oxygen Tech Motor. That is basically a specially designed brushless motor that is able to deliver whopping 1200W of pure power. Its linear acceleration allows it to go as fast 20 miles per hour which is amazing.

The battery does not disappoint either. 8AH lithium battery with built-in quick charge technology (charges to 100% in less than 2 hours) is able to deliver approximately 18 miles of range (TOP 5 Long range electric skateboards). So, if we combine cca 20mph top speed with 18 miles’ range, we will realize just how good this model is.

But the fun stuff about this electric skateboard doesn’t end here. It sports a robust but lightweight design with 8 ply maple wood deck under which lies the closed off motor and battery compartments. It is comfortable and rather flexible, allowing you to master the controls and maneuvers pretty quickly. And finally, the max supported weight is around 266 lbs (cca 120kg) which should be more than enough for any serious electric skateboard racers.


8. Genesis Hellfire

Genesis isn’t as well known manufacturer of electric skateboards as some of the other names mentioned on this list. Still, after playing around with Hellfire for a while I had to include it on this list.

With this model, you get top speeds of up to 20 mph. Keep in mind that 20 mph is the speed that you should be getting in perfect conditions. Like flat terrain, low to moderate weight load on the deck and fully charged battery.

From my experience with Hellfire, you should expect around 15 mph, and that was with my 225 lbs of weight. Lighter riders should be getting top speeds closer to the advertised 20 mph with no problems. Max suggested weight load of Hellfire is 265 lbs.

The battery can be pushed for up to 20 miles on a single charge, which isn’t all that bad considering that even some top of the line electric skateboards aren’t able to deliver not even 10 miles on a single charge. It takes around 2.5 hours for the battery to go from 0 to full. The good news is that the battery is easily replaceable. You could buy an extra battery from Genesis to double the range. That’s a pretty cool feature to include on a mid-range board like this. So far only pricier brands like Boosted Board of Inboard offered this functionality.

The design of the board is nothing special really, but it does come in orange, green and black color accents. With 36″ of length and 16 lbs of weight, you won’t have problems picking up the board and carrying it around if it runs out of batteries on you. The only downside of Hellfire would be that a good number of people are reporting problems with their boards, that it won’t charge properly. It’s not a nice thing to hear for a $599 board.

However, it would appear as though they fixed the issues with this year’s model. To top it all off support from Genesis isn’t really the best when it comes to resolving these kinds of problems. That’s the reason why Boosted Board, InBoard and other more expensive brands are so expensive.

Not only do they have better quality control, but also better customer support. I haven’t had problems with the latest revision of the Hellfire board that I own, so you should probably be fine. It’s worth the gamble for such a low price compared to what other more expensive brands cost.


7. Benchwheel Dual 1800W

benchweel fast el skateboardThe next fast electric skateboard is Benchwheel’s Dual 1800W electric skateboard (code name B2) that has quite the power and speed but is priced a bit higher than some of the faster models on the market (like Koowheel which is priced $100 lower and goes 7mph faster).

Still, despite that, the B2 is still a viable option for people who don’t mind paying more for a bit sturdier design and built quality but with lower speeds.

This little fella features dual brushless motors which allow for extremely high torque acceleration. It can go to cca 19mph with ease in just a couple of seconds. Such powerful torque can strike you with surprise so it might be a good idea to either wear some safety pads or push the acceleration on your handheld controller one degree at a time… at least until you get a grasp on how powerful it really is.

The battery is pretty good too, but not really on par with some that are featured on competitive models. With cca 13 miles of range, there is no doubt it will be enough for an hour or two… But the problem is in its charging. It takes around 3 hours to fully charge which is not an optimal number, especially considering the relatively high price of the model that stands around $650. But, the build quality and design are something else… They are the main reasons why such a big price is justifiable in the first place.

The skateboard is made with 3 base layers of the finest quality bamboo along with 2 layers of high-quality fiber glass. These 2 make up for an extremely lightweight and reliable build quality that will surely stand the test of time with ease.


6. Xtreme Free 1500W

This 36-inch beast of an electric skateboard is sure to provide you with enough speed to suit all your adrenaline needs. It looks amazing and features bright blue wheels and 7 ply Canadian Maple wood deck with an exceptional anti-skid tape for ultimate grip while skating.

In addition to all of the things mentioned above, the specifications of this beast are not to be taken for granted. The battery is awesome in all aspects. Not only does it have the well-known quick charge technology (it is fully charged in cca 2 hours give or take), but it will also last roughly 20 miles of range on a single charge which is more than enough for all scenarios you might put it up against.

Believe it or not, even though this is a fully-fledged 36-inch models, it is still petty lightweight considering its big size. Weighing in at around 14 lbs, you will have no problems with carrying it around. Moreover, it can support up to 230lbs of weight, meaning you will be able to ride it even now after the Holidays and after your 10lbs gains!

And finally, it is important to mention the top speed of this device, and trust us, it’s fast. This little fella can reach up to 20 mph making it quite the speedy Gonzales. Even at the highest speed, you will still feel comfortable and stable due to the awesome build quality that will make your skating experience as smooth as silk!


5. KooWheel D3M Onyx Edition

KooWheel had a very successful electric skateboard that was named just that, KooWheel. Now they are offering KooWheel D3M Onyx Edition. It’s basically an updated version of their popular model, made in black. The deck is made from a tough layer of Canadian maple wood, which can carry up to 290 lbs of weight.

You could stand on the board even if you weigh a smidge more, but note that the top speed and range will suffer in that case. Wheels are made out of polyurethane, nothing special, standard stuff for mid-range boards like these.

Dual hub motors on D3M are 350W each, giving the board a combined output power of 700W. This 700W can reach top speeds of up to 25 mph making D3M one of the fastest electric skateboards out there.

If you are not reaching the advertised top speed, and are limited to just 17 mph, your board is running in the so-called “un-governed” work mode. In this mode, top speed is limited. Press the power button on and off 7 times to unlock unlimited top speed to get the full 25 mph that this board offers.

The range also stands at a very respectable 20-25 miles on a single battery charge. This is with the larger 5500 mAh battery. Oh yeah, the batteries are replaceable, so you can carry additional one or two for double or triple the range. A smaller 4400 mAh battery can also be ordered so that airplane boarding is possible (due to TSA limitations). D3M is also very light, sporting just 16 lbs of weight for extra portability and ease of use. For a price of roughly $650 you get quite a decent electric skateboard, which doesn’t seem to be having any quirks or problems. It’s a best choice in the mid-range segment if you ask me.


4. BLITZART Huracane

BLITZART Huracane, the $400 model, is one of the more interesting models on this list. The reason why I’m mentioning that this is the $400 model right off the bat is that there is also a $280 model with the same name that has weaker specs.

If you don’t have or just don’t want to shell out $600-$700 a mid-range board like D3M or double that for Boosted Board, Huracane with its price tag of $400 might be just the board for you.

It has a nice looking design, with black deck grip, orange deck outline, and orange PU wheels. On one side of the deck there’s a convenient hole for holding the board when in on-foot transport. Deck is made out of a combination of 6ply maple wood and additional layers of bamboo top and bottom. It can hold an astonishing 300 lbs of weight. Even the heaviest of riders can try their luck with Huracane. Only the performance of the board will suffer, even if you step on Huracane with 300+ lbs of weight.

700W dual hub motor design that can be found in Huracane is rated for a top speed of 20 mph. It’s not the fastest board out of the 10 that we covered with this list, but still, it has some very impressive specs. The range on a single charge is also something that could be a bit better. With 12 miles on a single battery charge, you are somewhat more limited when compared to the 25 miles that D3M offers. Luckily the battery charges quickly. In just 2.5 hours you should be up and going. The wireless remote control has a very ergonomic design and a can last for up to 7 days on a single charge. All in all, great board for students and commuters. If it’s the range on a single charge is OK with you, the, by all means, go for Huracane. You won’t regret it for sure.


3. ATOM Electric B.36

ATOM is falling into the category of more reputable electric skateboard brands. You’ll notice that right away on the price that they are asking for B.36. It’s priced at $900, but before you run away screaming, let’s first talk about what this fast electric skateboard has to offer.

Let me first say that this is probably the most powerful board as far as power output goes. Its dual belt drive motor system, with each motor being 1800W, gives a total output power of 3600W. With so much power under the deck, it does not wonder that B.36 is advertised as an electric skateboard that can be ridden by even line-backers who live in San Francisco.

Top speed is also set at a very high 18 mph. Chances are that due to the powerful motor system of B.36, you should be seeing a more consistent top speed, regardless of terrain, weight load, etc. Even steep hills won’t be an issue, as it wasn’t for my 225 lbs. There was no speed drop or anything like that.

The maximum weight load is set at a very modest 275 lbs. I think that you can ride the board even if you’re a bit bulkier than that. As far as mileage goes, you should be seeing around 12 miles on a single charge. Regenerative braking helps extend battery life.

The price that you have to pay for everything that I just mentioned is $900. It’s a bit high, but keep in mind that you are buying one of the more well-known brands and a board that has some very impressive specs.

The board that I used in my testing is from a friend of mine, and I gotta say that it just goes. It doesn’t care if you’re going up a steep incline and it certainly doesn’t care if you are driving on flat ground. ATOM Electric B.36 really is a great fit for those who are built like line backers or who live in San Francisco.



SKATEBOLT is an electric skateboard that is sold by Alouette. You might have heard of their Catwalk electric skateboard. SKATEBOLT is basically a rebrand of Chinese electric boards. The great thing about it is that it’s sold by a California based supplier, Alouette.

You can count on at least some kind of support from them. This board, in particular, reminds me of WINboard electric boards that I’ve seen coming out of China. Specs are also about the same, and very impressive specs are the reason why I’m mentioning SKATEBOLT here on this list.

The deck is all black, as are the wheels, and made out of 9ply Canadian maple wood. It measures 38″ of length which puts SKATEBOLT in the longboard territory. Wheels are made out of 85A level hardness polyurethane and are wear-resistant for maximum durability and grip. Deck and wheels can hold a rather impressive 280 lbs of weight. This should be enough to cover most electric skateboard enthusiasts out there.

The motor setup consists of two brushless hub motors that together offer up to 1000W of power. The top speed is rated at about 25 mph. From my experience and from what many people who report back to me I gather that this really is the top speed that can be had. Just make sure that you switch to the “fast” mode on the remote control, to unleash the full speed that SKATEBOLT has to offer.

Motors get their power from a 6600 mAh lithium-ion battery that’s manufactured by LG. That’s right, there are some top of the line components in this board. The advertised range on a single charge is rather impressive 19 miles. Keep in mind that how much range you get will vary a great deal depending on terrain, rider weight, top speed, etc.

Wireless remote has a battery indicator, switch for changing between the “slow” and “fast” work modes, and of course the main accelerate/brake controller. Remote fits nicely in the hand and has a very intuitive button spacing. Overall, people that I’ve talked to, who own SKATEBOLT, seem to be surprisingly happy with this fast $599 electric skateboard. It’s not Boosted Board in terms of quality, but still, for almost a third of the cost of what you would pay for Boosted Board, it’s well worth the risk buying this board. Very fast and decent enough build quality.


1. GT Powerboard

gt powerboard fast electric skateboardAnd finally, we have a proper premium fast electric skateboard with a premium price tag to its name. Of course, what other model would it be if not the almighty GT Powerboard. The most known electric skateboard on the market (the black anodized aluminium version) will set you back for more than $1,300, but it will provide you with a whopping amount of features spiced up with amazing specs that go alongside them.

First things first, it is important to state that this is the first off road speedster on this list. Its big rubber tires allow it to roll on all types of terrain with ease, meaning you can speed skate through parks, forests and whatnot without any sorts of issues.

Moving onto the specs, you will be properly amazed by the numbers. Starting off at acceleration and top speed, this little fella can reach 23 mph in less than five seconds. I’m pretty sure you guys realize how fast that is.

Moving onto the battery, you don’t have to worry about it either because it is quite powerful for an off road model. The built-in SLA batteries will provide you with roughly 15 miles of range. If you’re not satisfied with that, you can get the H2A Lithium battery that is capable of enduring cca 22 miles… or 7 miles more than the SLA ones.

All things considered, the GT Powerboard is an awesome electric skateboard. Perhaps it is not as fast as Koowheel, but It is off road ready and that’s what many of you will greatly appreciate.



With GT Powerboard we have come to the end of our Top 5 Fastest Electric Skateboard list. It was a nice little journey coming all the way from the top where Falcon Board took the 5th spot. As you could see for yourself, all of these models have similar characteristics and quite steady top speeds.

Even though there are electric skateboards that can go much faster than these, most of them are modded or are built completely for scratch. In other words, these might not be the fastest ones in the world, but they sure are the fastest one that you can buy right now.

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