7 Most Popular Electric Skateboards For Teenagers and Kids

The majority of children don’t really understand tech. Let’s face it, they just don’t. What’s even worse is when also the parents aren’t all that tech-savvy. For example, my son Jason told me he wanted a hoverboard for last years’ Christmas. At first, I was like OK, that’s the easiest purchase ever… And then I went on Amazon and realized there’s a ton of different models available.

Picking and choosing the right model for my needs ended up being a difficult task. That’s why I decided to make this list of popular electric skateboards for teenagers and kids.

Buying electric gadgets can be difficult

As I started buying the hoverboard I soon started to realize things won’t be as easy as I thought they would be. Each of them had some unique features accompanied by a load of specifications that come with them. It was all really confusing at first so i had to take quite a bit of time to get him a good one.

Luckily, I didn’t give up and managed to set him up with a great model that he’d most likely still be riding on… if he didn’t break it. The warranty didn’t cover the break (it was his mistake for constantly tumbling it over and over again).


History repeated itself

Guess what he wanted for this years’ Christmas? One guess? He wanted an electric skateboards for kids, another (nowadays) very popular electric rideable that’s seems to be coming up in the world. I presumed a lot of parents will face the same issue as me so I went on to do thorough research and come up with a list of the best children-ready models that are currently available on the market.

The list is not that huge. It only consists of a couple of great models, but it will definitely help you pick out the right one.


What kind of features are we looking for in an electric skateboard for kids?

  • Small and light – first, all the skateboards needed to be light and small in size. It would be a bit difficult for kids to wield enormous longboards, so I stuck mostly to the smaller models.
  • Low power – another thing that I decided it’s best not to overdo it is motor power and top speed. There are very powerful and very fast electric skateboards out there and you really don’t want 10-year-olds behind the wheel of one of those, or should I say behind the remote control.
  • Sturdy design – this one is I guess true for everyone, but it’s especially true for kids. They break stuff easily. Hence I tried to find skateboards with tougher deck and more durable wheels.

That’s about it. Due to the fact that this introductory paragraph is a bit longer than I’d like, I guess we should switch to the list right away. If you just want a quick overview of the specs and features of every skateboard on the list, then have a look at this table. Continue reading for a more in-depth look at each of the models that are mentioned.


Table : Top 10 Electric skateboards for kids

ImageNameMax speedRangeWeightPrice
10. Altered Fantom10 mph7 miles120 lbsSee price now
9. ACTON BLINK Lite10 mph5 miles180 lbsSee price now
8. HOVERZONE Hoverjet11 mph10 milesN/ASee price now
7. BLITZART Mini Flash12 mph8 miles270 lbsSee price now
6. Swagboard NG-111 mph10 miles176 lbsSee price now
5. Dynacraft Surge6 mph8 miles145 lbsSee price now
4. Paradox by Jacomo15 mph6 miles170 lbsSee price now
3. Airwheel M312 mph12 milesN/ASee price now
2. Kowheel25 mph25 milesN/ASee price now
1. Ripstik Caster Board10 mph7 milesN/ASee price now


10. Altered Fantom

The first model on our list is coming from Altered. Their brand new electric skateboard called Fantom has some potential and is generally a great choice for children ages 8 and older. It’s a great looking 23-inch model whose 7-ply deck is made from top quality Maple Wood.

As is the case with most other skateboards, Fantom also possesses concave deck design and kicktail that adds a good amount of additional controllability that is bound to come in handy more often than not.

The biggest downside of this model is its maximum allowed weight of only 120 pounds. Just by looking at it you will notice that it’s a model specifically targeted at children because, well face it, when was the last time you saw an adult person weighing less than 120 pounds?

Specifications, on the other hand, aren’t actually that bad. Fantom is capable of reaching 10 mph and can do so for approximately 40 minutes. This means that with the help of Altered Fantom electric skateboard for youngsters, your kids will have enjoyable, long-lasting skating experiences time and time again. If that’s not a good selling point, then I rest my case…



Like the name of BLINK Lite suggests, this is a small and lightweight electric skateboard targeted at young kids and teens. They even have a special “back to school” discount right now. Normally the price for BLINK Lite is 300$, but with 25% discount, you can purchase it for about 225$.

Not bad, especially considering that you’re buying into an established brand, which ACTON certainly is. It’s not a sketchy Chinese brand, which are always a gamble to purchase. Due to its small size, it doesn’t have impressive specs in terms of top speed, motor power and range. Actually the range could be a bit better, but you can’t have it all.

BLINK Lite has a small weight of just 7.7 pounds, and deck size of about 30 inches. It is slightly bigger than ALTERED FANTOM, only by a few inches and pounds, nothing too horrific. The larger size allows BLINK Lite to accommodate a much higher weight loads, about 180 pounds, which is quite nice. Even adults can have a go on this little beast.

Top speed is limited to 10mph, but again, this is more than enough for 10-year-olds. Battery life is where things could be a bit better. With a range of about 5 miles on a single charge, this is on the low end of the spectrum. For comparison, Paradox by Jacomo, mentioned a little bit further down the list, has a 15-mile range on a single charge. The good news is that the skateboard charges quite fast, just under 2 hours. I guess the 5-mile range limit of BLINK Lite is perfect for keeping kids close to home. They can’t wander too far from the house if they don’t have the battery life to do it. 🙂

What else is there to mention, I guess the 6 month limited warranty is a nice touch. If there are any problems with the skateboard within that period of time, you’re covered. Like I said, ACTON is a pretty reliable company. There are LED lights in the front, for when taking a ride at night. The Bluetooth controller is comfortable to hold and very responsive. For the money, ACTON BLINK Lite has quite a bit to offer, but the operating range could be better.


8. Hoverzone Hoverjet

Unlike ACTON, HOVERZONE is an electric skateboard manufacturer that’s isn’t well known outside of electric skateboard circles. They are actually a sister company of Swagboard, a much more famous electric skateboard manufacturer.

The model that we’re going to be talking about today is very similar to a model mentioned a little bit further down below, Swagboard NG-1. The difference between the two is in deck size and shape. With a deck size of 33 inches, this board is a bit bigger than both ALTERED FANTOM and BLINK Lite. Don’t worry, we’re still not anywhere close to the size of longboards, which can go up to and even over 40 inches in length.

The deck is made out of 7ply Canadian maple wood, for extra sturdiness and durability, just what we need for kids. Let’s face it, they can get quite creative when it comes to breaking stuff.

With a top speed at around 11mph, this little board isn’t that much different than BLINK Lite in that department. Where these two starts to differ is the operating range on a single charge. Hoverjet can go up to 10 miles, which is double of what BLINK Lite has to offer. In terms of minutes, we’re talking around 90 minutes rides on a single charge. Wheels are made out of polyurethane, for decent shock absorption and long durability.

Wireless remote has the option to limit the top speed, which can come in quite handy for parents who think that the advertised 11mph is still too high. Starting and stopping is seamless, without any kind of problems. On top of all that, there is also cruise control, which makes sure that the skateboard goes at a constant speed, without the rider having to adjust the throttle.

Perfect set of features for small kids and teenagers who are inexperienced with electric skateboards. On top of all that, there is also the matter of price. With a price tag of 200$, and when you take into consideration everything that Hoverjet has to offer, it’s one of the better purchases to be made.


7. BLITZART Mini Flash

BLITZART Mini Flash is a smaller electric skateboard, coming in with a deck length of around 28 inches7ply maple wood deck is reinforced with an additional layer of bamboo at the bottom of the deck.

You wouldn’t think of it, but this layer of bamboo is enough to allow Mini Flash a maximum weight load of 270 lbs. This is more than double of most of the other light electric skateboards mentioned on this list. I haven’t tested this max weight myself since I weigh “only” 225 lbs, but the skateboard held my 225 lbs just fine. Even parents can take a turn on this little slugger.

Range and top speed are just in the right spot for this to be the perfect candidate for an electric skateboard for kids. The top speed is set at 12mph and is generated by a single 250W hub motor. I recently held in my hands an electric skateboard that had two 1000W motors, for comparison. That isn’t something for the kids to mess around with, 🙂 . The range on a single charge isn’t that bad, coming in at 8 miles. The battery can be charged in about 2.5 hours.

When you’re looking at it from afar, BLITZART Mini Flash doesn’t even look like it could be an electric skateboard. That is what I especially like about it. Dynacraft Surge has a similar effect, only it doesn’t have as impressive specs as Mini Flash has. The only downside is that currently there are only used boards being sold on Amazon, but they are directly from the manufacturer, refurbished.

That makes it much safer to buy, and with a price tag in the 150$ region, it’s the perfect gift for parents who are looking to shop around on the budget.


6. Swagboard NG-1

Swagboard is another company that does business strictly with electric rideables. After a good amount of success with their hoverboard, they are juicing things up with their brand-new product called NextGen-1.

It’s a pretty decent electric skateboard for teenagers that will mainly seem interesting to children and young adults (top 10 skateboards for adults). This is due to the fact it can only endure roughly 176 lbs, making it targeted primarily at younger audiences.

The build itself proves just that. The quality is nothing special, decent at best… But the price is more than justifiable with the specifications that rank pretty good. The deck is made out of maple wood and the top of it is covered with grip tape that significantly increases skater’s comfort and maneuverability. You will get a controller within the package as well. It is used to switch between different options and to accelerate and decelerate your skateboard.

As I already mentioned above, the specifications of NG-1 are more than decent. The top speed whirls around 11 mph which makes it a good choice for daily commuting to school. Moreover, the battery can cover approximately 10 miles which proves the point of this being a great alternative to school busses or carpooling your kids to school.

Of course, the battery of this model is rechargeable, meaning your kids can charge it up while at school and have it juiced up and ready to go once they are done with their classes.


5. Dynacraft Surge

Dynacraft’s Surge electric skateboard for kids resembles good old classic skateboards. With its old-school look, there is no doubt it will attract many old skaters who are wishing to reminisce on their past experiences.

But, that’s apparently the main selling point of this model – the old-school look. Some people would go to a certain extent and claim Dynacraft is selling nostalgia… nothing more.

This is due to the fact that this model lacks the specs to justify its price. With its top speed being just 6 miles per hour, it’s no wonder people are bashing it. That’s extremely slow. There are cheaper models that go twice as fast… but then again, they don’t have these old school looks.

The maximum allowed weight is also something you should take note of. It can only endure roughly 145 pounds which is OK for most kids, but it probably means you can forget about testing it out for yourself. And lastly, the only thing (spec-wise) that is good with this model is its battery duration. It can last up to 8 miles if the rider is not too heavy.

In the end, the question remains. Are you willing to pay the extra price just for the old school looks, or will you purchase a model that performs better but looks simple/modern?


4. Paradox by Jacomo

This model is priced a bit higher than all of the above-listed ones… but alongside the price, you will get massively improved specifications that will surely make you think twice! Let’s start off by saying that this is a 28-inch model weighing only 10 pounds.

What’s best about Paradox is its great maximum load that goes around 270 lbs. This means not only your children can ride this, but you can also take some good old skating times for yourself.

It is very easy to control. In addition to that, it is bidirectional which means you can switch the direction in which you’re skating with a single flick of a button on your controller (included in the package).

The deck is made out of bamboo which is covered with grip tape for extra safety and stability while skating. Another awesome addition is all-terrain rubber tires alongside damper masses. These 2 allow you to skate seamlessly on all types of terrain with pure ease and comfort.

The specs of this little fella are no joke either. It can easily reach 15 mph and can drive for roughly 6 miles, making it a perfect choice for short routes. All things considered, I believe it is pretty clear that Jacomo did a good job. Paradox is a great model, that’s for sure. I was on the edge of buying it, but then I stumbled upon the Koowheel, but more about that later on…


3. Airwheel M3

Airwheel M3 is not strictly a skateboard meant for children, but realistically, children will find it amazing due to its all-terrain capabilities and extremely pleasant skating experience.

This is due to its huge pneumatic rubber tires and built-in damper masses that greatly influence the quality of skating. It is able to incline up to 15 degrees making it great for mountain skaters and similar skating enthusiasts.

The deck is made from Maple Wood. The top layer is covered with grip tape for a safer and more reliable skating experience. On the other hand, the battery is Sony’s Lithium-Ion one with implemented fast charge technology.

This means that Airwheel’s battery can go from 0 to 100% in less than 2 hours which is awesome considering all other similarly priced models that charge for more than 4 hours.

Combine the ridiculously short charging time with approximately 12 miles of skating duration and you’ll begin to understand why this model made it to my list. And finally, the top speed of this little fella clocks in at around 12 mph, which is just enough for casual users.


2. Koowheel D3M

This is, by far, the most expensive model on my list. It will set you back by approximately $570, but will justify its price tag with amazing performance over and under the hood (well, in this case – deck).

The best thing about this model is easily replaceable batteries. You can purchase an additional one and it will take you less than half a minute to switch it with the old one.

Considering the fact one battery gives you approximately 25 miles of range, by purchasing an additional one and carrying with you (it’s pretty light so that should not be such a big of an issue), you will get up to 50 miles of range on a single run. That’s amazing and is by far the longest reaching model currently available on the market.

The top speed of this best is not to be taken lightly either. Koowheel is a speedy beast that is able to reach up to 25 mph and stay at that speed with ease for quite a bit of time. All things considered, there is no doubt that Koowheel is the best performing electric skateboard for youngsters in its price range, which was the main reason why I chose it as the gift of choice to my kid.


1. RipStik Caster Board

And the top spot on our list goes to this unbelievably inexpensive model. Razor, a well-known company in the electric rideables industry, did an amazing job with their entry level electric skateboard.

With an incredibly competitive price of only $100, this little fella has already found its way into thousands of homes all around the world. And that comes as no surprise since, even though it’s really cheap, the RipStik does pack quite the punch and is on par with some of the beefier (read more expensive) models out there. Why is that so? Well, see for yourself!

First of all, there is a nice touch of variety with this model as it comes in 5 colors: black, red, pink, blue and silver. Second of all, RipStik is not your traditional electric skateboard, it’s more of a skateboard/snowboard hybrid.

Keep that in mind before jumping to conclusions and purchasing it straight away. The pivoting deck together with 360* caster trucks allows RipStik to carve like a high-quality snowboard. Additionally, it sports spiked traction pads and a concave deck design which will help your little ones with comfort and controllability.

Moving onto the specs, you will find that they are more than decent, especially considering the extremely low price tag. The maximum speed this little fella can reach is somewhere around 10 miles per hour, but that’s heavily depending on the rider’s weight and terrain type. In addition to that, the Lithium-Ion battery can endure roughly 40 minutes of riding. That’s just enough for a quality skating session at the local skate park!



Now that we are over with our little list, I would like to thank you all for taking the time to read this. As I already stated in the introductory paragraph, the list was handpicked by me. It is the result of long research that I did on the topic back when I needed to purchase one for my kid. As you could see for yourself, I have gathered a ton of information about each and every one of those models, which is why I am sure you will find it interesting and, above all, greatly informative.

Now that I have said pretty much everything that needed to be said, I will leave you with the difficult decision of choosing the right model to buy. Until next time, happy skating!

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