If your electric skateboard needs to be lightweight, this is article for you !

Being able to easily carry your electric skateboard around between charging is of crucial importance to most people. This is because most of them are using it as their daily commute and are already burdened with their suitcase, laptop, and whatnot. That’s why picking a lightweight model seems like a great choice for these people.

What to look for in a lightweight electric skateboard?

Luckily, there are plenty of such models on the market. We’re talking mostly about under 30-inch models that tend to fall somewhere between 8 and 12 pounds’ category. These electric skateboards might not possess the best specifications out there, but their small weight gives them greater mobility which is what more and more people are looking for nowadays.


What are their drawbacks?

Well, the biggest drawback of light electric skateboards is that in order to make them lighter, manufacturers needed to save lbs on either the number of layers of the deck (making it 5ply maple wood instead of 8ply or 10ply) or on the size of the propulsion components, namely the motor size and battery size or both. What this means is that it is difficult to find small weight electric skateboards which have high weight capacity, high top speed or high mileage on a single battery charge.

On these boards max weight load capacity hovers between 150-200 lbs rarely does it go north of 200 lbs. Also, either the top speed or mileage on a single charge is in single digits. Still, if you’re not too demanding on those three counts, these boards are more than adequate.

With that in mind, I’d like to show you a brand-new list I made. As you could assume on your own, it’s related to the best lightweight electric skateboards available for purchase. Let’s see which models made the list!


Table : Best Lightweight Electric Skateboards

ImageNameMax SpeedRangeWeightPrice
5. Acton Blink Lite10 mph5 miles180 lbsSee price now
4. Alouette12 mph6 miles120 lbsSee price now
4. Penny Board 1000W15 mph7 miles176 lbsSee price now
2. LiftBoard16 mph16 miles265 lbsSee price now
1. Oasis Cruiser23 mph18 miles220 lbsSee price now


5. Acton Blink Lite

We are starting off with an incredibly light model that’s a must-have for people looking for an easy-to-carry model. Blink Lite weighs in at only 7.7 pounds making it the world’s lightest electric skateboard. The folks over at Acton made sure that info stands out as they’re heavily marketing it just because of its weight. Does that mean everything else about this model is just meh? Well, let’s find out, shall we?!

Blink Lite pretty much a slimmed-down version of Acton’s Blink model with the introduction of several new features. One of them is the in-wheel hub motor. It’s much quieter than that on Blink and surprisingly more power-efficient. It can achieve up to 10 mph top speed and can even go in reverse (that’s adjusted with the Bluetooth app on your smartphone.

The second change is a new fishtail shaped deck. Supposedly, it is much more comfortable than the standard one and I’m sure most potential buyers will like that. Both decks are made out of the same material – Canadian Maple. Specifications-wise, Acton Blink Lite fails to deliver with just 5 miles of travel on a single charge.

While that might be enough for a fraction of its potential buyers, I’m sure it will leave many disappointed and drive them away to one of its competitors.


4. Alouette

Alouette not only has an exotic name but awesome features as well. This 29-inch electric skateboard is made out of 5-ply Maple and weighs only 7.7 pounds (just like the Acton Blink Lite). The top is covered with a solid grip tape that’s going to provide you with second to none stability no matter the type of shoes you are wearing.

Unfortunately, Alouette has a big drawback that I could not leave unmentioned. You see, even though it sports relatively good performance and all that good stuff, I still can’t understand why does it have such low weight support. You see, this little skateboard can only hold up to 120 pounds of weight (cca 50kgs) which renders it unusable for virtually all grownups not suffering from anorexia… Leaving that aside, let’s see what good does it have to offer instead!

This stylish board is equipped with a well-hidden 2200mAh lithium battery that incorporates quick charge technology. This allows it to be up and running in less than 2 hours which is amazing, especially for this price range. Another amazing fact is its efficiency. Together with the 70mm 350W brushless hub motor (not the strongest one out there, I know), this baby can go up to 6 miles on a single charge.

Its wheels are also an important part of the story, as they are in all other electric skateboards on the market. Alouette features 80A hardness wheels which are pretty good for the price and will provide you with decent stability even on gravel(ish) terrain. In the package, alongside the board, you will also get a dedicated wireless controller that allows you to switch between 2-speed modes and accelerate or break with intuitive commands. All things considered, Alouette is an excellent budget-friendly model that provides a decent range at an extremely lightweight factor.


3. Benchwheel Penny Board 1000W

The golden middle of this list goes to Penny Board from Benchwheel. It’s an aggressive-looking model that’s for sure. With a combination of bright red Polyurethane wheels and fancy grip tape graphics, It is pretty clear that we are looking at an electric skateboard primarily targeted at children. With that in mind, let’s see what this bamboo + maple electric skateboard is all about!

I am going to start off by saying that this thing can go pretty fast. For such a moderately priced model, it’s quite surprising to see roughly 16 miles per hour of top speed. Truth be told, that’s recorded at ideal conditions. To put things in another way, you cannot realistically expect more than 14… 15 at max.

Unfortunately, the battery is not on par with the powerful motor. It drastically bottlenecks the build with only 7 miles of range per charge. To compensate for that, Benchwheel implemented the quick charge technology allowing it to fully charge for less than 90 minutes. Last but not least, I need to say a couple of words about its weight.

Considering the deck is a combination of bamboo and maple, we are all expecting a very lightweight model. That turned out to be true with Penny Board 1000W coming in at roughly 11 pounds. While that’s quite a virtue for a mid-tier model, it still could not get more than the golden middle 3rd spot on my list. Why? Well, take a closer look at the 2 models down below and I’m sure you will understand what I’m talking about.


2. Liftboard

If you’re not only looking for lightweight in your next electric skateboard but for a classy style as well, then I’m happy to inform you I got exactly what you are looking for. Meet Liftboard, a stylish electric skateboard whose performance is not to be taken for granted!

This simple looking, all-black model has some serious power under the deck. More precisely, it sports a 900W motor. It allows it to go as fast as 16 miles per hour, making it the second-fastest model on this list. Not only that but it also has one heck of a range, coming in at around 16 miles per single charge, and the charge takes only about 2 hours.

Moreover, the deck is made out of 7 ply Canadian maple wood and provides its users with both durability and reliability. In fact, the relatively wide design provides an extra dose of stability as well which is also improved by the Polyurethane wheels (80mm). They’re sturdy enough to endure very high speeds so you do not have to worry about them breaking or anything like that.

Moving forward, it’s important to state that it can only endure up to 265 pounds of weight. While that’s the absolute maximum it can take, I for one would not recommend anyone weighing over 250 to go for it. Why? Well, even if the board doesn’t break, you still won’t have an enjoyable experience.

With that being said, I would just like to point out one more thing and that’s the built-in handle located on the right-center. It’s nothing too fancy but definitely adds to the overall sleek looking design that definitely aims to turn quite a few heads its way once you get it rolling through the hood.


1. Oasis Cruiser

At the top of this “Best Lightweight electric skateboards” list we have the Cruiser by Oasis, a very simplistic looking electric skateboard with fancy wheels, Bluetooth remote controller and an extremely thin hub. The hub is so thin most people won’t believe you when you inform you own an electric and not a standard skateboard.

Little do they know this beast sports 1500W dual in-wheel motors that are capable of going really fast in the perfect conditions. Likewise, motors are not the only things that are outstanding with this one. If that was the case, I really doubt it would earn the top spot of this list.

Believe it or not, Oasis Crusier incorporates an outright beast of a battery; 8 Ah (yup, Ah and not mAh) Lithium-Ion battery pack which is capable of lasting up to 18 miles on a single charge. What’s even better, this Lithium-Ion battery possesses the popular quick charge feature which allows it to fully charge in about 2 hours. This will allow you a ton of time on the board without waiting too much for it to charge.

You thought that was the greatest part about this one? Well, if you did, I’m happy to inform you that you are terribly wrong. You see, Oasis Cruiser manages to have all those awesome specs and not sacrifice its overall weight nor build quality. The deck is made out of 9 ply Canadian Maple with 2 grip tapes featured on the top. Best of all, it only weighs in at around 11 pounds making it a real champion when it comes to weight/performance ratio. With that being out on the table, I believe I do not have to further explain why I decided to feature it as the top spot of this list.



With the awesome Oasis Cruiser, I’m afraid I have some bad news for you… We are done with the list so I hope you’ve managed to find a skateboard that suits your needs. If you haven’t, don’t worry. There are still plenty more top 10 and 5 lists on this website, all featuring awesome electric skateboards sorted in a wide variety of criteria. With that being said, I wish you the best of luck in the search for your next electric buddy.

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