Overview of 5 electric skateboards that can go long range

One of the most important aspects of modern-day long range electric skateboards are their essential specifications. By that I mean things like top speed and battery range, two specs which depend a lot on one another. Speed is achieved by powerful motors while the other one is achieved by powerful batteries. Both are equally important and are the main focuses of people who do research before buying their own electric skateboard.


Who even needs long range electric skateboards?

Many people view electric skateboards as something that’s just for fun and play, but for plenty of people, they are also a convenient means of transportation. Thousands of students and workers use them for their daily commutes. They aren’t as expensive as electric bikes, or scooters but at the same time, they are fast, very portable and easy to handle. Plus you don’t arrive at your destination sweaty if it’s hot out, like you would on a regular bike. For commutes, every bit of range helps.

Important things to know about long distance electric skateboards

Like with every other group of electric skateboards, whether it’s the ones that go fast, or can handle a lot of weight, there are a couple of things that you should know.

Battery capacity matters
this one is obvious so let’s get it out of the way. If you want to go long range, you need to look for electric skateboards with larger battery capacity. Drawback of very big batteries is that you can’t take them on a plane due to TSA regulations. Currently, TSA regulations only allow batteries up to 99Wh in size to be carried on a plane. Keep this in mind if you plan on traveling with your electric skateboard.
Your weight matters
one of the factors that determine how far you can go on a single charge is your weight. Heavier riders will get less mileage than those with fewer pounds. This is just basic physics, the heavier the person is, the more work motors have to do in order to carry them, the faster the battery empties.
Terrain plays a role too
how hilly the area where you plan on riding your electric skateboard is also plays a role in range. If the skateboard has to go uphill a lot, motors work overtime and again battery empties more quickly leaving you with shorter range.
Your riding style is important too
if you like to go full throttle all the time, pushing the board to its max, then your range will again be limited. Riding at max speed all the time puts extra strain on the motors which again, you’ve guessed it, sucks out the battery faster.
Skateboard optimization
last, but not least, how well the skateboard is optimized is also important. Some boards with the same output power from the motors go further than others. This depends on the effort that engineers put into the board. How good the wheelbase is, is the traction good, all these determine the total mileage that can be had from a board.

Let’s cut to the chase

If you are currently in the process of research, I warmly welcome to you to my list in which I will thoroughly analyze the 5 best electric skateboards with longest ranges. The price gaps between these 5 aren’t that huge, with the exception of Oasis Cruiser which is considered as a premium model… but more on that later on. For now, let’s just say that I did my best to keep this list as informative and easy to read as possible. With that in mind, let’s jump straight to the business and onto the first model on my list!


ImageNameMax SpeedRangeWeightPrice
5. Swagtron Voyager15 mph15 miles330 lbsSee price now
4. Dakott 1200W20 mph20 miles250 lbsSee price now
3. Xtreme Free 1500W20 mph20 miles230 lbsSee price now
2. Oasis Cruiser30 mph 18 miles230 lbsSee price now
1. Genesis Hellfire20 mph20 miles265 lbsSee price now

5. Swagtron Voyager

We are starting off with Swagtron Voyager which is the cheapest model on my list. Its specs cannot be compared to those of the higher-priced models, but that is totally justifiable because it costs just a fraction of their price. Still, it is a fairly good skateboard with a beautiful “modern meets classic” finish and decent specs.

To start off, it is important to note that this little long distance electric skateboard fella is capable of going more than 15 miles per hour, making it pretty fast for its price range. In addition to that, it can go for quite the range as well.

More precisely, Swagtron Voyager can reach up to 15 miles on a single charge. Not bad for an electric skateboard that costs just $400. Moving onto the 8ply deck, it’s made out of 2 layers of bamboo and 6 Canadian Maple Wood ones. This combination allows for ultimate flexibility and stability, allowing you to feel the road during every second of skating.

And one last thing that I forgot to mention earlier – this model is huge. It’s 42 inches, making it the largest model in this list. To summarize, if you are looking for a relatively cheap, but still good, electric skateboard, then Swagtron’s Voyager could be the right one for you!


4. Dakott 1200W

Dakott is not a very common name in the electric rideables niche, but that is about to change because they’ve made a brilliant electric skateboard. With a little luck and a good marketing scheme, there is no doubt that their new electric skateboard will have a bright future ahead of itself.

It is a minimalistic looking adults electric skateboard with clean matte black finish contrasted by bright orange wheels. As you can conclude from the title, it sports a potent 1200W motor that allows it to easily reach top speed of cca 20 mph.

The maximum weight this little devil can handle is 250 lbs, making it ideal for people who have gained a couple of extra pounds during winter (so-called winter-body… am I right?). Besides that, the 8.8Ah lithium-ion battery does its magic as well, providing the skateboard with enough juice for approximately 20 miles on a single charge.


3. Xtreme Free 1500W

This powerful 1500W long distance electric skateboard has an exceptional build quality and huge, beautiful blue wheels. It sets quite the contrast against the 7ply Canadian Maple Wood deck that’s topped off with good old grip tape.

Another thing worth mentioning is the sheer size of this monster. We are talking about a 36-inch model that weighs 14 pounds, which is actually quite lightweight considering its size.

Moving onto the specifications, Xtreme Free does not disappoint. With the powerful 1500W motor it is able to reach 20mph in the perfect conditions. Maximum weight is not bad either, sitting comfortably at around 230 lbs, it should be more than enough for an average Joe. The battery is quite powerful too.

It’s able to provide you with approximately 20 miles of riding distance. That should be more than enough for your daily commute to work / school and all the way back. You’ll even get a beautiful black remote controller that will perfectly fit into any hand. The controls are very intuitive and give out an exceptional feeling of quality and brilliant design. If you are into big, speedy skateboards with long range then Xtreme Free 1500W is the right choice for you!


2. Oasis Cruiser

Falcon Board’s Oasis Cruiser is, by far, the most expensive long range electric skateboard model on this list. I already mentioned this in the introductory chapter, but I just needed to state it one more time because this little sucker will set you back by a whopping $1,395.00. For that price, you can buy 2 great models and still have some leftover money to get drunk like a champ.

There are several reasons behind such a huge price tag, one of which is the powerful 1500W dual drive-in-wheel hub motors. This allows the skateboard to be amazingly thin (it is practically as thin as old school skateboards) without any visible signs of hi-tech debris.

With roughly 230lbs of maximum allowed weight and max distance of 18 miles (kind of low for an electric skateboard of this price), there’s no doubt we are dealing with high-end specs here. The battery is, of course, built with the quick charging technology, allowing for a full charge in less than 2 hours.

This is extremely helpful if you need to go on a long trip and you happen to have a place to charge it once it runs out of juice (coffee shop or something like that).

The build quality is unearthly from all points of view. The 9ply Canadan Maple Wood Deck looks perfect and has that good old look that was the craze of 80’s and 90’s. All things considered, if you are looking for a premium quality electric skateboard with longest range and you insist on it having that old school vibe to it, then you cannot go wrong with Falcon Board’s Oasis Cruiser.


1. Genesis Hellfire

Electric skateboard with the longest range on the list has some very decent specs, with a price that isn’t blown out of proportions. Plus, it has a very cool name, Genesis Hellfire. For around $600, actually, for $500 as of writing this (there’s a discount that’s currently available), you get a very powerful longboard that has a range of 20 miles on a single charge. 20 miles is a commute that a large number of students and inner-city workers take on a daily basis.

Hellfire then is the perfect choice for going to classes or to work. There is no hassle with being stuck in traffic, or anything like that. Long-range that you get with this model is made even better by the incredibly short amount of time it takes to charge the battery. It only takes 2.5 hours to go from empty to full. That’s quite impressive, especially considering the size of the battery.

Speaking of battery, it’s possible to replace it. It will take some fiddling around with unscrewing covers, but theoretically, by carrying a spare battery with you, it’s possible to double the mileage that this skateboard can achieve.

Motor found in Hellfire can reach a top speed of around 20 mph, which is also quite a large figure for an electric skateboard. Total output power of the dual-motor setup is 800W. Inclines of 20° or less shouldn’t be an issue for this long-range beast. The maximum weight that the deck can support is set at 265 lbs.

While testing out the board I had my friend who is about 280 lbs try it out. It supported him just fine, however, there was a drop in the range that we were able to get. Numbers went from the advertised 20 miles to about 16 miles. It’s normal considering that we put quite a bit more weight over the allowed maximum. We also drove on somewhat hilly paths.

Remote is very straightforward, without any kind of special features. You can accelerate, brake and change direction. Brakes work just fine, they aren’t overly sensitive, but at the same time you won’t need 100 ft to come to a full stop.

Hellfire comes in, or should I say, its wheels come in three different colors, green, orange, and white. With 20 miles range and replaceable battery as backup, you can’t really go wrong with Hellfire if you’re looking for an electric skateboard with a good range on a single battery charge.



That’s it ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. You have reached the end of my little list here, and I must admit that I am really thankful to you for reading it. With that being said, I would also like to express my hope that you’ve found it informative and… in the end, that it helped you make your decision regarding the purchase of your first (or next) electric skateboard. I hope it serves you well and fulfills all of your expectations. Until next time, happy skating!

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