9 most popular electric skateboards for off road use

Even though the main usage of electric skateboards nowadays is for commuting purposes, there are many people who love using them for off road adventures. It’s in our nature I guess to try our luck in the extremes, no matter if we’re riding a motorcycle, bicycle or electric skateboard.

Whether you belong to the first (commuters) or the second (adventurers) category of people, I am sure you will find some of the electric skateboards listed down below rather amazing. As the title of this article suggests, we will take a closer look at some of the best models that are suitable for all terrain uses.

With that being said, it should be pretty clear that all of the below-listed models have been made specifically for the off road (read all terrain) purposes.

What are some of the characteristics of off road electric skateboards?

Right of the bat, it should be said that pretty much all of them have powerful motors and pretty big (mostly pneumatic rubber) wheels that will have no issues riding no matter where you ride them on. This gives them advantage over smaller electric skateboards, which are made exclusively for concrete and asphalt.

All-terrain electric skateboards have sturdier construction, obviously, and can withstand higher loads, meaning even heavier riders can ride on one of these. All the other specs are beefed up, meaning range, top speed, battery capacity, etc.

Are there any downsides to using an off road el. skateboard?

I wouldn’t exactly say that these are downsides as much as they are trade-offs. Since they are bigger, they can’t be easily put away after use. Also, battery might not last as long since they have more powerful motors.

Those that have bigger batteries, have longer charge times, unless you find one which has quick charge tech built-in, but so far I wasn’t able to find those. That’s about it.

Table : Best Off Road Electric Skateboard

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9. Munkyboards SK-1200BL

This model will cost you just $400 but it features an incredibly powerful 1200W motor that is capable of providing it with extreme top speeds. We are talking almost 30 miles per hour on the perfect terrain and optimal weather conditions (and with a light person riding it, of course).

What’s even better is the fact it sports HUGE pneumatic rubber tires that are more than capable of rolling on all types of terrain. In addition to that, this model comes with a Lithium-Ion battery which can last around 70 minutes. That’s equivalent to cca 16 miles which is pretty good for the price range.

The only downside of the SK-1200BL is the needlessly long charging time. It will take roughly 4 to 6 hours to fully charge this sucker which might be more than some of you would like.

Still, despite the awfully long charge time, there is no doubt that Munkyboards made a pretty good electric skateboard. What’s best about it is surely its amazingly competitive price tag. For just $400 you can get an all-terrain skateboard capable of reaching up to 30 miles per hour. Now, I’m not even mad, that’s amazing!


8. MotoTec MT-SKT-1600

MotoTec MT-SKT-1600 is an all-terrain electric skateboard that’s a nice mix between lighter electric skateboards and more beefier longboards that we’re going to be talking about little bit further down the list.

It might not look like it, due to its small size, and standard looking body, but MotoTec MT-SKT-1600 packs quite a punch under the hood. For starters its large wheels are threaded. This gives them perfect traction, while not sacrificing speed. Board features a 12 ply maple deck, which makes it very stiff and sturdy.

Spec-wise, MT-SKT-1600 is also quite impressive. It is powered by two motors, one for each rear wheel. Each motor is 800W, which gives this off road electric skateboard a grand total of 1600 Watts of raw power. Top speed is rated at 22 MPH, and riding time is rated at 60-90 minutes.

If we are to calculate in miles, this gives MT-SKT-1600 a range of about 10 miles, depending on riders weight. It takes roughly 3-5 hours to full charge this bad boy. Max rider weight is 260lb.

More interesting features include things like a LED battery meter built into the deck. This tells you how much battery you have left. Two motors in the back, on each wheel, give this skateboard a lot more maneuverability. It’s short, so that also helps when turning.

However, what isn’t helping at turns is the remote control. It’s quite bad and flimsy, which makes turning an awkward experience. All in all, for 700$, you can’t go wrong with this little guy.


7. Munkyboards SK-900BL

Munkyboards is a manufacturer that has been with us for quite some time. Their electric skateboards are known for their quality, and SK-900BL is no exception. This 1200$ off road skateboard features large wheels and small desk design.

Similarly to the previously mentioned MotoTec, SK-900BL is a mix of light and beefy. Wheels feature all terrain rubber and the skateboard is controlled using a Bluetooth remote control (decent quality one).

While riding SK-900BL you don’t hear any squeaks or experience deck bending that you normally would hear if you’re a 220lbs person (which I am). Skateboard is powered by a single 900W 36V motor.

A little bit underwhelming for an all terrain electric skateboard, but if you’re not too heavy, it’s plenty of power for off road adventures.

Single battery charge is enough to cover about 12.5 miles of distance. That’s about an hour and half of ride time total, 100 minutes to be precise. As it the case with all these heavy-duty electric skateboards, charge times can be quite lengthy, between 4-6 hours. Max speed is set at around 24 mph.

The only thing that’s a bit off-putting about this off road skateboard is the prices, which is quite high, compared to some of the other contenders that we have on this list. Still if you can afford it, it’s a decent skateboard for the price.


6. Q Dream

Now I gotta be honest with you, I’ve never heard about Q Dream electric skateboard manufacturer, let alone that they make off road electric devices, with specs as impressive as Q Dream. This is basically a full-on electric mountainboard, that has a lot of power under the deck.

With a dual-motor setup that has a combined power output of 2000W, you can get quite a bit of speed and acceleration out of this baby. It’s got quite the kick, just what a mountainboard needs. Now if you never heard of mountainboards before, they are used in mountainboarding, an increasingly popular land derivative of snowboarding.

Mountainboards, the non-electric ones, are basically bigger skateboard, on bigger wheels. This is the first time that I’m encountering an electric mountainboard, and considering on what kind of terrain these have to go, it’s no wonder that Q Dream has such powerful specifications.

Deck size is 40″x7″ with large pneumatic wheels. Entire board is raised about 6″ from the ground. High clearance means that you will not be having problems on uneven terrain. Large battery of 11Ah gives the board an operating range of about 21 miles. Of course the range depends on the driver skill, weight, speed at which the board is driven, etc.

Maximum weight load comes in at a high 330lbs. It’s the perfect electric skateboard of choice for heavier people, even if you’re not into off road skateboards. They are sturdy and plenty powerful.

Other useful info that’s worthy of a mention would be the fact that this electric skateboard for off-road charges very quickly. It finished charging in just 3 hours. Notice also that there are straps on the deck. In the true fashion of a mountainboard, the straps are there to make sure you don’t fall off of the skateboard during extremely bumpy rides and high speeds. Climbing is possible even on very steep hills. Advertised 30° angle climb is quite high, but keep in mind that you’ll spend more battery going uphill, obviously.

All in all, Q Dream is perhaps the most feature-packed electric snowboard that’s capable of off-road adventures. To top it all off, with a price tag of around 800$, it’s not the most expensive. Only drawback that I can think of should you decide to go for Q Dream is that they are a relatively unknown brand. You’d be buying into a manufacturer that you can’t entirely be sure it’ll be there should there ever a need for customer support. I guess there is a price to pay for being a pioneer.



Moorhaus Electric Skateboard is a smaller skateboard when compared to the monster that is Q Dream. Deck is smaller and the wheels are also not as big as those of Q Dream. Still, when compared to a skateboard made for the asphalt, everything is quite a bit bigger. Model is being advertised as the “off road master”. How much of it is true, well lets find out.

Wheels on Moorhaus Electric Skateboard are made out of pneumatic rubber. If you’re not familiar with what that means, it basically means that these are reinforced rubber, heavy-duty, which won’t wear out as easily as plastic wheels would, for example.

Deck is made from solid wood, and has a nice blue design applied to the top. It feels sturdy when standing on it, but there is some noticeable squeaking at the joints of the wheelbase. I checked the screws and they were all tightened, not sure what was causing the squeak. It went away after a while, maybe because dust got into grease whatever it is that was making the noise, 🙂 .

Since this model is made for the outdoors, it can handle dust, mud and even water splashes quite well. I wouldn’t however go overboard with water, because the motor housing doesn’t look to be sealed all that well. This is not a waterproof electric skateboard.

Speaking of the motor, this bad boy has a 1000W motor, capable of delivering 20mph top speed. Be careful when starting, because the skateboard has quite a kick. If you haven’t braced yourself properly, you might end up falling off of the board. This is coming from an experienced skateboarder.

Range is set at about 17 miles, but like always, it varies depending on terrain, driver weight, etc. With a price tag of 700$, this is a great choice for beginners interested in electric skateboards.


4. Airwheel M3

The fifth model featured on our list is the Airwheel M3. It’s a beautiful electric skateboard that will prove to be quite useful for all sorts of scenarios. Whether you’re planning on using it for commuting or you’re a freestyler that likes to go skating on the beach or mountains, the Airwheel M3 has you covered.

With its exceptionally big rubber tires, this thing will take you through any type of terrain with perfect ease. Combine these rubber tires with built-in damper masses and you’ll begin to understand why this is a great all terrain electric skateboard.

Moving onto the specifications, you don’t have to worry too much because Airwheel is not going to disappoint you. And that’s putting it lightly. We are talking about an extremely powerful electric rideable and the specs prove exactly that.

It clocks in at around 13 mph which is great considering its a fairly affordable all-terrain ready electric skateboard. It features Lithium-Ion battery made by Sony. This tells you that the battery is of amazing quality, and its specs tend to prove just that. It takes roughly 2 hours to charge it up and you will get roughly 13 miles of range (list of long range electric skateboards is here)once it’s filled to the top.

Keep in mind that this device is not waterproof, so you might want to keep it away from water surfaces. In other words, skating on this beauty during heavy rains is probably not that good of an idea. Still, despite that, Airwheel M3 is a great model that can be yours for as little as $433. It’s a very competitive price for an all-terrain model, and I am sure a lot of buyers will recognize that.


3. Koowheel

Koowheel is a brand new electric skateboard coming from the company that bears the same exact name. It has some on-point features that make it stand out among its competition, and that is bound to get recognition on the market, that’s for sure.

The best thing about this model is the fact that it features easily replaceable batteries. And when we say replaceable, we really do mean that. You can buy an additional battery pack and switch it for as little as 15 seconds. Yup, that’s all it takes!

So, you can basically greatly extend the range of this device by simply buying a couple of extra batteries. They are not that bulky (cca 3.5 lbs) so at least 1 should give you more than enough skating time for a day.l

Moving onto the specifications, this little guy features EXTREMELY POWERFUL dual brushless motors in combination with 4300mAh battery. Have you noticed the all caps in the sentence above? Well that’s because this beast clocks in at around 25 miles per hour which is just amazing. Such a speed is rarely seen with models that are priced above $1000 so the Koowheel has some bragging rights undoubtedly. But, in addition to that, the 4300mAh battery is not to be taken for granted either.

With around 25 miles of range (yup, that’s also amazing, especially for this price range) it’s more than enough to keep you busy for half of your day. It recharges right back up in less than 2 hours as well, making it extremely efficient. Of course, as we already mentioned above, you can get an additional one and extend your range up to 50 miles without any issues.

Keep in mind that this model will do pretty good on most types of terrain, but try to keep it away from too muddy or wet surfaces as it does not have pneumatic tires so it wouldn’t be such a viable option in those scenarios. The deck is made out of 7 ply Canadian Maple wood and it looks pretty standard. Nothing too fancy about it. It will get the job done without any bells and whistles.

And finally, another awesome thing about this model is Koowheel’s 100% money-back guarantee policy. In other words, if you purchase this model and you don’t like it for some reason (although I find that to be extremely unlikely considering the performance), you can return it and get all of your money back… As simple as that!


2. Maverix USA Border X

Maverix is a well-known company that specializes in producing some pretty awesome electric skateboards for adults over the course of last year or so. With some awesome models, there is no doubt that they are planning on continuing with their success with Border X.

That is the name of their newest product and it’s a pretty great one actually. If you want to hear everything there is to know about it, make sure you carefully read through the next couple of paragraphs.

Let’s start off by stating that this little fella has an 800 watts motor capable of reaching 19 miles per hour without too much trouble. Of course, you can adjust the top speed to 3 different levels (low, medium and high) via the controller.

This feature is always useful, especially if you’re a first-time skater. Moving onto the battery, you will be happy to know it can last up to 9 miles on a single charge. While that might sound a bit low to you at first when you take a look at the size of the wheels everything will become clear. These huge pneumatic tires with huge treads are the reason why this bad boy is capable of riding through all sorts of surfaces.

They stand out in front of the build and are surely the first thing you’ll notice once you set your sight on this model. No matter what surfaces you are planning to ride this thing on, the combination of a smooth ABS braking system and these tires is sure to get you from point A to point B in one piece.


1. eGlide AT

Here we go, the best off road electric skateboard. If you are among the people who don’t make compromises when it comes to buying new toys, then this little guy is the right thing for you! It costs a fortune, let’s be clear on that one first… But it does provide you with the BEST electric skateboarding experience currently available.

Its powerful motor lets it go from 0 to 24mph in less than 5 seconds. Moreover, it has around 15 miles range on a single full charge which is more than enough for all of your adrenaline rushers out there.

But let’s be realistic here, you are not paying such a huge amount of money on solely the specs. I mean, don’t get me wrong, 24mph and 15 miles range are fine, but they are really not worth the price… But, there’s something else about this model that definitely is worth the price.

We are talking about the build quality and sheer skating experience which cannot even be compared with any other model on the market. It’s completely made out of military-grade aluminum and has huge Kenda tires that are perfect options for on and off-road driving. There’s really not that much left to say about this awesome electric skateboard. It’s one of those things that you just have to try out for yourself in order to truly feel the essence of.



After taking a closer look at the top 5 best electric skateboards for all-terrain uses, I am pretty sure you guys now have a better picture of what to expect regarding the price / performance situations. To be honest, there aren’t that many great all-terrain models. This is due to the already mentioned fact that most people use electric skateboards for commuting purposes.

Nowadays, if someone wants a rideable for mountains or similarly rough terrains, they often opt for longboards that have more versatility and are usually way cheaper than all terrain electric skateboard. Still, the industry is rapidly growing so we could expect a bunch of new all-terrain models pretty soon. If that’s the case, we will be sure to update our little list here accordingly. Until then, happy skating!

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