5 Best Small & Portable Electric Skateboards

Believe it or not, small skateboards are actually quite a rare occurrence on the market. That is probably due to small (read hardware-inferior) models not being cost-effective for their manufacturers so they took the easier road and just specialized in making big ones. While that’s true for most of today’s’ electric skateboard manufacturers, there are still a few companies that specialize in making miniature, lightweight ones.

What are the advantages of smaller electric skateboards?

Why would anyone want to purchase a small portable electric skateboard? Well, the answer is right there in the question, they are portable. With a small electric skateboard, that’s light, you won’t have problems picking it up and carrying it around should the batteries run out. Larger models might have more impressive specifications, but they don’t really make it easy to pick the board up and carry it around should there be board run out of juice. Try lugging around a 40″ longboard that’s 20+ lbs and you’ll soon realize what I’m talking about. That is one of the reasons why people prefer smaller, more portable electric skateboards.

Are there any disadvantages that I should know about?

Well yes, there are some drawbacks to lightweight electric skateboards. For starters, you won’t be getting specifications as impressive as you would with bigger models. Manufacturers had to cut cost somewhere, so they put in not just smaller decks, but also smaller motors, smaller battery, smaller everything. Putting smaller components usually translates in smaller power output which in turn means lower top speed and lower range on a single battery charge. That’s not the worst part though. Another way that the board can be made lighter is by shaving off layers of maple wood off of the deck. Instead of being 10ply maple wood, it’s 5ply maple wood. Saving on lbs this way is bad because it translates into lower weight loads. If you are north of 200 lbs or God forbid north of 250 lbs, you probably won’t get the advertised performance from these boards.

OK, so can a decent lightweight electric skateboard be bought then?

With more and more people aiming to get their hands on a lightweight model that’s easy to carry around by hand when it runs out of juice, I’m pretty sure the situation on the scene will improve and more lightweight models will appear that don’t sacrifice specs. Until that happens, here’s a shortlist of top 5 best small electric skateboards currently available on the market!


Table: Best mini electric skateboard

ImageNameMax SpeedRangeWeightPrice
5. DYNACRAFT SURGE6 mph5 miles150 lbsSee price now
4. Blitzart Mini Flash12 mph10 miles270 lbsSee price now
3. Alouette12 mph6 miles120 lbsSee price now
2. Acton Blink Lite10 mph5 miles180 lbsSee price now
1. Maxfind17 mph10 miles220 lbsSee price now


5. Dynacraft Surge

Surge is pretty much an old-school skateboard with a simplistic deck very similar to those popular models from the 90’s. You could find those in virtually every basement across the USA since late 90’s and early 2000’s are considered as the pinnacle of skating.

Nowadays, the skating community is slowly (but surely) moving away from the classical models with new, superior designs, so we could consider Dynacraft’s Surge a modern-day dinosaur. With that being said, let’s see what is this dyno all about!

Other than its old-school design, Dynacraft Surge doesn’t really have that many good things going on… other than its dirt-cheap price tag. With that in mind, it comes as no surprise that this little guy can go only 6mph which is extremely slow, and that’s even an understatement.

In addition to that, the supported payload capacity hovers around 150 pounds (don’t use it if you are over 145lbs to stay on the safe side) which isn’t that miraculous either… but still better than Alouette (more on that later on). Actually, come to think of it, Surge’s main selling points are apparently the minimalistic old school design and the dirt-cheap price. I don’t see any other virtues but that. Unfortunately, due to the lack of small models on the market, Surge managed to get on the list at the number 5 spot.


4. Blitzart Mini Flash

This 28-inch model features a sleek design and high-quality Polyurethane wheels (76-inch is the size), making sure its buyers realize what a stylish option it is. It is similarly priced as the Surge, with just a couple of dollars between the two. Still, Blitzart Mini Flash offers much better hardware allowing it to perform superior in comparison to Dynacraft’s “masterpiece”.

This stylish electric skateboard’s specification sheet claims it can reach up to 12 miles of range on a single charge. I’ve personally tested this model and can assure you that the only way this number is accurate is if it’s been measured by having no one on top of it. Things aren’t that much worse in reality.

Blitzart Mini Flash can still go up to 10 miles if you’re not that heavy, but don’t even think about reaching 12. Top speed is actually pretty good and beats Surge by a mile (it’s just a figure of speech, Blitzart actually beats Surge by way more than just a mile). More precisely, this electric skateboard can go as fast as 10 mph, even though the spec sheet claims it can reach roughly 12mph.

Combine that with a solid quality grip tape (with a hi-def printed logo of Blitzart on it) and a genuinely intuitive remote controller and you’ll get yourself a proper small electric skateboard for dirt cheap.


3. Alouette

Let’s start off by saying that Alouette is a weird model. A really weird model actually. I’ve already mentioned this somewhere above but I have to mention It again, just to make sure you do not repeat the same mistake I did a couple of months ago.

You see, while I was carefully reading through the specs and features of this little fella, I did not notice it says it can support ONLY 120 POUNDS. Without that information, I hurried up and ordered it. When I got it, I jumped on it and I heard an immediate clack sound coming from the deck. I quickly jumped down from it, went to my home office and realized it had a ridiculous weight limit and is meant only for children. With that out of the way, let’s see an Alouette improve its initial bad impression.

The deck is made out of 5 maple wood layers but it is not nearly as durable and flexible as it might seem at first. While it is incredibly lightweight (just 7.7 pounds), the fact that it sports just a 350W motor should have been a deal-breaker for me… but no, I went ahead and bought it despite that.

Moving forward, Alouette features a solid 2200mAh battery with fast charging technology that lasts up to 6 miles. Additionally, it also sports 80A Polyurethane wheels which are sturdy enough but won’t offer anything special, to be honest. All in all, if you’re looking to buy a cheap, mini electric skateboard for your kids, Alouette is a solid choice. On the contrary, if you’re looking for a model to suit yourself, steer away from this one!


2. Acton Blink Lite

Finally, we have a skateboard that works well across all departments, unlike all of the previously featured ones. This just proves my point about the lack of (good) mini electric skateboard models on the market, but as I’ve already said in the introductory chapter, I really think that will change in the near future.

With that hope still desperately blooming through the entirety of this list, I would like to tell you more about Blink Lite by Acton, an interesting electric skateboard with plenty of good things under the deck!

Moving onward to the actual Blink Lite, I’m proud to say that it’s the world’s lightest (good) electric skateboardweighing in at only 7.5 pounds. In addition to its amazing weight (or the lack of it haha), Blink Lite also sports some damn fine specifications as well. Believe it or not, this little fella can reach a top speed of up to 10mph.

What’s a little less surprising is its maximum range of roughly 5 miles. I mean, it’s not that short, but not that breathtakingly long either. Golden middle, some would say. Another golden thing is its excellent Canadian maple deck which is surprisingly flexible and durable. It is topped off by a firm layer of grip tape with beautifully simple graphics that make sure Blink becomes a well-known brand in the industry. With all of that in mind, I’m pretty sure you realize that this little fella is, by far, the best model we had on this list up to this point.


1. Maxfind

And finally, we have come to the ultimate small size electric skateboard that aims to provide you with superior performance that you could not even think was possible from a medium-sized (roughly 30-inches) skateboard.

True, it’s not your typical miniature skateboard if you include its tail and nose in the numbers. If you do, it turns out to roughly 38 inches. For the sake of this article, let’s cut the long story here and focus on what really matters and that’s the actual skateboard and its respective performance.

Coming in at just 12 pounds, Maxfind is a pretty lightweight model that’s going to suit people looking for easy-to-carry options. Moving onto its specifications, I’m proud to say that this thing can go as fast as 17mph in ideal conditions (realistically 15mph which is still not half bad). Moreover, it sports the well-known Samsung 18650 Lithium-ion battery that’s able to supply power for roughly 10 miles on a single charge (it features the quick charge technology of course and takes only an hour to fully charge).

This will greatly depend on the user’s weight. Considering Maxfind can take up to 220 pounds, the max range and top speed will significantly vary from person to person. With that being said, there’s just one more thing that I’d like to add to this one and that’s the IP65 waterproof certificate which means you can use this bad boy under mild rain without worrying about breaking it.



As I have already mentioned above, there are not that many small electric skateboards available on the market. For what reason? I don’t know… Apparently, people feel more comfortable skating on bigger boards which, presumably, provide them with superior stability and generally better overall performance. With those words, I would like to cut the article here and end it, wishing you all the best on skateparks all around the globe.

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